Using Workflows on CampusGroups

What are Workflows?

Workflows are used to create a multi-step approval process for a form submission. Workflows are attached to forms on CampusGroups. They allow you to see the submissions of the respective form and take various actions, like approving or rejecting the submission or communicating with the submitter or other workflow team members.

Marking a workflow "Approved" only affects the workflow interface on CampusGroups and does not affect other CWRU systems. Depending on the form, you may be expected to take action outside CampusGroups before approving the workflow.

You will need to be added to a Workflow that is attached to a form, along with submissions to that form, to be able to see Workflows.

How to navigate to your Workflows

Email notifications

You will get an email from when there is a new submission available for your review. 

The subject of the email will be "Workflow: [Workflow Name]  by [Submitter] needs your approval" 

If you have issues with email notifications please email

To navigate to your Workflows in CampusGroups:

  1. Login into CampusGroups at
  2. In the sidebar, Go to My Activity and then My Workflows
  3. Your view defaults to Action Required Workflows, but you are able to filter your Workflows with the drop down menus in the gray toolbar at the top of the page. 

How to use Workflows

To open a Workflow, click the gray View button in the top right corner of the submission.

View the submission, under Details, Open Submission will show you the form submission.

To approve, you will see a green I Approve button by your name under the step you are added on.

Besides I Approve, under Actions, you do the following:

  • Reset Workflow - sets workflow back to step one.
  • Requires Modification - mark the submission as Requires Modification when the submission needs some modification to gain approval. Using this will prompt you to send a message to everyone involved in the workflow AND the submitter. The submitter will be able to modify their submission to gain approval and move forward in the workflow.
  • Reject - end the approval process. When rejecting a submission, please include a reason for the rejection. Using this will send a message to everyone involved in the workflow AND the submitter. This will stop the approval process from moving forward.

If you want to communicate with anyone on the workflow or the submitter, you can open a chat with:

  • The submitter
  • Everyone involved in the workflow
  • Both submitter and everyone involved in the workflow.