Duties and Responsibilities of Various Engineer Levels (exempt, working 40-hour week)

161031 Engineer 1 (salary grade 13)

  • Generally performs specific aspects of a broader engineering problem.
  • Applies methods and techniques, adjusts and correlates data, determined errors in results, and follows the operation through a series of related steps to completion.
  • Exercise of judgment is required on certain details of the work and in assisting in making preliminary selections and adoptions of possible alternatives.
  • Receives supervision on new aspects of the work and on difficult problems.
  • May be assisted in work by a technician or student helper.
  • Requires a B.S. degree in engineering. (Most new hires will occur at this level). 

161032 Engineer 2 (salary grade 15)

  • Work is assigned as an objective to be reached and is reviewed for application of sound professional judgment.
  • Engineer independently evaluates, selects, and applied techniques, procedures, and criteria using their own judgment in making adaptations.
  • The work requires that the engineer investigate a number of possible variables and often there are no precedents for the choices that must be made.
  • May supervise technicians in the completion of assignments.
  • Requires 3-5 years of professional engineering experience. 

161033 Engineer 3 (salary grade 17)

  • Plans, schedules, conducts or coordinates the engineering work on a total project.
  • Will make independent decisions on theory, problems and method in an attempt to develop new or improved techniques, procedures or equipment.
  • Requires application of intensive and diversified knowledge of engineering principles in specialty areas.
  • Virtual freedom of action within authorized results.
  • May supervise other engineers or technicians. (A new hire should rarely occur at this level.)