'Glad You Asked' Videos

Case Western Reserve University students answer common questions about the first-year experience in order to give incoming students, parents and others an idea of what life is like on campus.

Video 1: What was your move-in process like?

Find out what move-in day will really be like from students who have been there before.

Video 2: What is your favorite food in the dining hall?

Scope out the best meals in Leutner and Fribley Commons.

Video 3: What advice would you give to an incoming student?

Listen to the advice these students wish they had gotten when they started college.

Video 4: Which items should I consider packing? 

Learn which items are worth packing, and which you should leave at home.

Video 5: Did your RA help you transition to life at CWRU?

While living in a residence hall, your RA is going to become a big part of your life. Hear what these student have to say about their RAs.

Video 6: What was your most embarrassing moment?

 Hear about some current students' embarrassing moment in their first year at CWRU.

 Video 7: What was your biggest fear about moving to the residence halls?

Living in a residence hall isn't like living at home. These students confess their biggest fears before move-in.

Video 8: What was it like to have a roommate your first year?

Having a roommate is a new experience for most CWRU students. Hear what it's really like.