Michelson House

Michelson House exterior showing name plates and full six stories
Justin Long

Michelson House is named for Albert Michelson, physics professor of the Case Institute of Technology who won the 1907 Nobel Prize in Physics and was the first American to win a Nobel Prize in the sciences. Michelson is most famous for the Michelson-Morley experiment that discovered that the speed of light is constant in all inertial frames of reference, giving strong evidence against the ether theory of electromagnetic transmission.

Floor Plans

Room & Furniture Details

Average Room Size:

  • Single Room: 9' x 10'

Building Features

  • Card Access Building Doors on ground and basement levels
  • Full Kitchen in basement
  • Laundry Facilities in basement
  • Basement Lounge with Television
  • Bike room in basement
  • Piano and Game table in basement
  • Study lounge on first floor
  • Lobby contains: 
    • No Air Conditioning
    • CaseGuest/CaseWireless WiFi Networks