Residential Area Offices

The North and South Residential Area Offices in Wade Commons and Fribley  Commons, respectively, act as Housing information and service hubs. The services provided by the Area Offices include:

  • Mail and Package sorting and distribution
  • Flyer collection for posting in the Residence Halls
  • Lock-out key distribution during hours of operation
  • Postage stamp sales (cash only)
  • Board game rental
  • Air mattress rental
  • Guest Housing check-in
  • General information and forwarding to other offices

More information can be found on this site regarding several of these services. But, if you have any additional questions please contact the Wade office at 216.368.1010 or the Fribley office at 216.368.1011. One of our undergraduate Customer Service Assistants or professional Department Assistants will be able to answer your questions or forward you to another office for help.