Checking Out Of Summer Housing Assignment

You need to check out of your summer assignment once you have moved into your fall housing assignment. To check out of your summer assignment, you will need to check out by appointment.

Checkout By Appointment

Please follow the procedures outlined by the residence life staff to schedule an appointment to check out. A complete checkout requires: cleaning and returning your room to its original condition—any modifications on file expire upon vacating the room; completing your room condition report with the staff member and turning in your key/key card; vacating your room by 9 p.m. on Saturday, August 8, 2020.

If you do not complete all parts of the checkout process, you may be assessed:

  • $100 improper checkout fee
  • $96 for each key not returned
  • $10 for each Village key card not returned
  • $10 for each Village mailbox key not returned
  • plus any damage identified in your room and/or suite/apartment.

If damages are assessed to your room, suite, or apartment, you will be sent an email indicating the nature and amount of the damages, as well as the appeal process for contesting charges.