Checking Out Of Summer Housing Assignment

You need to check out of your summer assignment once you have moved into your fall housing assignment. To check out of your summer assignment, you will need to complete an Express Checkout.  Students must check out of their summer assignment no later than Saturday, August 7.

Express Checkout

Express Checkout conveniently allows a resident to drop off his/her key/key card and sign a waiver stating that he/she accepts the condition of their room as inventoried by a residence life staff member. Inventories will be completed within 24 hours of a student's departure date. Once you have completely moved out of your room, and your room is cleaned and returned to its original condition, insert your keys/key card into the Express Checkout box located in the lobby of your residence hall. Express Checkout envelopes are available by the Express Checkout box.

Students in Clarke Tower and STJ will need to complete the Express Checkout Card found by the Express Checkout boxes in the lobby of your hall. 

If you do not complete all parts of the checkout process, you may be assessed:

  • $100 improper checkout fee
  • $96 for each key not returned
  • $10 for each Village key card not returned
  • $10 for each Village mailbox key not returned
  • plus any damage identified in your room and/or suite/apartment.

If damages are assessed to your room, suite, or apartment, you will be sent an email indicating the nature and amount of the damages, as well as the appeal process for contesting charges.