CWRU provides washing machines and dryers in each residence hall. The cost of laundry is included in your room rate, so it is easy to do laundry day or night. Residents can take advantage of the 20 lb. capacity washers with front loading instead of the less efficient top-loading system. These machines save 14 or more gallons of water per load, reducing the quantity of detergent required to wash clothes. The dryers feature large capacity drums for hefty loads of laundry and lint filters for easy cleaning.

Washing Machines

All washing machines are high efficiency so please be sure to use high efficiency (HE) detergents. Washing machines should only be filled 2/3 to 3/4 full so please space out you laundry accordingly to avoid un-balancing and damaging the machines.

  1. Load the washer with clothes and detergent.
  2. Select the cycle type on the machine(s).
  3. The washer will start and display the time remaining.


Be sure to check and clean the lint trap before and after using the dryers to avoid damaging the machines and clothing.

  1. Load the dryer with clothes and dryer sheets as desired.
  2. Select the proper fabric type on the machine(s).
  3. The dryer will start and display the time remaining.


The LaundryView system can be used to track machine availability in your building from both desktop and mobile.

Laundry Maintenance

If a community member encounters a damaged machine, please submit a work order through MyHousing and include the code on the "license plate" (e.g.123-ABC).

1609 Hazel

These machines are managed by CIM maintenance. Please use their maintenance portal to report issues for your in-apartment machines.