Frequently Asked Questions - First-Year Student Housing Selection




  • Thursday, June 8, 2023, at 7:00 PM EST
  • Thursday, June 15, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST
  • Thursday, June 22, 2023 at 7:00 PM EST
  • You can check if building floors are single-gender or co-ed by visiting our Gender Breakdown in First-Year Halls website.
  • We will update this site soon. As of 5/30/2023, there are no updates to the gender breakdown from last year's breakdown
  • If you want to guarantee that you and your roommate are able to select the same room, you both must connect through the Housing Portal by creating a Roommate Group under the Room Selection page on the portal.
  • If you have invited your roommate to join your Roommate Group but your roommate has not yet accepted the invitation, do not select a room. Reach out to your roommate directly.
  • There are 2 possible answers to this:
  1. All of the rooms that were made available for that specific date in that building have been chosen.
  2. On the later or final selection date, if no rooms for that specific date are showing, that building is likely completely full.
  • You could choose to wait until the next selection date to see if that specific building or community is available, but there is no guarantee. Some buildings and communities go faster than others. 
  • If there are no rooms showing, all of the rooms that we made available for selection on that date have been chosen.
  • We do not release all of our available rooms at once. We release them in batches so that other students can have a fair shot at selecting a room that they would prefer rather than have our office assign them to a room.
  • More rooms will be released on the other housing selection dates.
  • If it is the last housing selection date and there are no rooms showing, you will still get a housing assignment. Our office will assign you to a room. We hold some rooms from the housing selection process so that we can still give an assignment to people who apply for housing after the selection dates pass.
  • Once a room has been selected during the housing selection dates, that assignment is final. We will not make changes, even if your parent is the one who made the selection for you.
  • We will open the Room Change process during the 2nd week of classes in the Fall semester. You will work with your Residential Community Director (RCD) from your community to find a different assignment that suits what you are looking for based on what is currently available.
  • The only way a student can be guaranteed a single room is if they have an approved medical accommodation for a single room from the CWRU Diversity Resources office. 
  • Students with a medical accommodation for a single room should not choose a room through the housing selection process. We hold single rooms from the process so that there is a single available for each approved accommodation.
  • No. If you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing (GIH), we will assign you.
  • This community is set up to provide specific support for students in GIH. A Resident Assistant is hired by Residence Life specifically for this community.
  • For more information about GIH, please see our First-Year Student Gender-Inclusive Housing website.