Gender Breakdown in First Year Halls

Each first-year residence hall is comprised of double and single rooms, in either a corridor-style floor, quad style floor, or suite-style floors.  This is the anticipated chart of gender breakdown by floor in each hall for 2020-21.  This breakdown changes from year to year.

Hall Style 2nd floor 3rd floor 4th floor
Clarke Tower suite coed coed coed
Cutler House quad coed coed coed
Cutter House corridor male female TBD
Hitchcock House quad female male coed
Norton House corridor female male female
Pierce House quad coed male female
Raymond House corridor male female male
Sherman House corridor male male female
Smith House corridor female coed male
Storrs House quad coed coed TBD
Taft House corridor male female male
Taplin House corridor female female male
Tyler House corridor male female male

First floor rooms are single rooms with semi-private baths.  The same gender will share the semi-private bath. 

Floors indicated with TBD above can either be single-gender or coed.  There are split bathrooms on the floor which allows for coed floors if necessary.  Those floors will be held initially and release the second week of the room selection process (week of July 6). 

View floor plans online on the Facilities page, under First-Year Buildings