Incoming First-Year Students - Spring Semester

Once you have been accepted to Case Western Reserve University you will gain access to the University Roadmap. We will begin accepting spring applications starting on Monday, November 7. 

Case Western Reserve University has a two-year residency requirement. All first- and second-year unmarried undergraduate students who do not live at a parent's permanent residence within 40 miles of campus must live on campus and participate in the University board plan. If you are eligible to commute, you can indicate this on the housing checklist of the roadmap.  

International Students

We recognize that the pandemic continues to create challenges for you, including your ability to secure visas. While your visa status may not be known at this time, you already are a valued member of our community--we very much hope to see you in person in January. For that reason, we ask that you continue the process of completing your housing application so we are fully prepared for your presence on campus in the spring. You will not be responsible for any housing-related financial penalty or fees should you be unable to travel to the U.S. due to visa issues. 

First-Year Gender Inclusive Housing

Medical Accommodations

Checklist Information

Verification of Permanent Address

After your permanent address is entered online, our database will automatically verify whether you can commute from your parent's home (within 40 miles of campus). If so, you can designate your status as commuting from home.

Photo ID

You must submit a photo ID and have it accepted by the university in order to complete your housing application.

Lifestyle Indicators

This list of five questions about your lifestyle will help housing staff when matching you with a roommate for the spring semester.

Vaccination Status Statement

Ohio Revised Code section 1713.55 requires that every student submit a statement on his/her vaccination status for meningitis and hepatitis B before they can live on campus. The form must be submitted online before you can continue working on the housing application.

Housing Application

This is the official application that indicates that you will be living on campus. On this application, you will choose your meal plan option, and agree to the terms and conditions of the Residence Hall Agreement.

Roommate and Building Preferences

On the housing application, there is a section to request a specific roommate or building in which you would like to live.  For the Spring semester, incoming first-year students will be assigned based on what is open and available, while taking your preferences into consideration.

Housing Assignment Process

The deadline to submit your housing application is Monday, December 19, 2022. Assignments will be completed by Friday, December 30.  For students who apply later than December 19, assignments will be completed on a rolling basis.

COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Please note that in order to receive your housing assignment, you will need to be compliant with the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy or be approved for an exemption.