Summer Student Housing 2021

Summer Housing Applications available at under the 'Actions' section!

Thank you for your interest in summer housing. We are excited that you will consider spending your summer in Cleveland and at Case Western Reserve University!

To be eligible to live in university summer student housing, you must be a Case Western Reserve undergraduate student registered for one of the following sessions: spring, summer, or fall 2021. (You do not have to be registered for summer classes.) May 2021 graduates are eligible for summer housing.

Occupancy is available for the entire summer, or for one of the summer class sessions:

  • May term: May 20 - June 12
  • 4-week session (1): May 30 -June 29
  • 5-week session: May 30 - July 3
  • 8-week session: May 30 -July 28
  • 6-week session: June 13 -July 28
  • 4-week session (2): July 5 - August 3
  • Entire summer: May 30 - August 1

University undergraduate students interested in short-term housing (other than the summer sessions listed above) should contact the Office of University Housing at 216.368.3780 or to discuss their summer housing options.


Accommodations will be available for all students in the North Residential Village:

  • Clark Tower
    • Single room
    • Large Single room (double room as a single)
  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall
  • The Village at 115, Houses 6 & 7 (if needed)

Summer Meal Plan

You can find information on the summer meal plan options here.

Summer CaseCash

Students have the ability to add CaseCash onto their student ID card through the summer housing application. View the following locations where CaseCash can be used.

Application and Assignment Process

Applications available at under the 'Actions' section!

Applicants must select the period of occupancy, including any transition periods, and accept the summer residence hall agreement when the application is completed. Building and roommate preferences also can be submitted, though Housing cannot guarantee that all requests can be fulfilled.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis throughout the summer. We will be making assignments starting the week of May 10. If you have a specific room type or roommate preference please submit your housing application by May 9. Students requesting the 6 week or 4 week (#2) housing session may be notified of their assignment approximately 2 weeks before that session begins.

Permission to Live on Campus for Summer 2021 Form

After you fill out a summer housing application, you will also need to fill out this Permission to Live on Campus for Summer 2021 form.  You will provide the specific reason to live on campus for the summer, along with any required documentation; this will then be reviewed and approved by our department.  As a reminder, students in one of these categories will be allowed to live on campus this summer:

  • international students
  • taking summer classes
  • working on campus or in the Cleveland area
  • involvement in research
  • local co-op/internship
  • have an extenuating circumstance

Roommate Requests

Students will be able to submit summer housing roommate requests online at MyHousing. Guidelines for roommate requests are as follows:

  • Create your roommate group by entering in each person's summer housing application number and authorization code.
  • For Summer 2021, you may request roommates using these guidelines:
    • Clark Tower will have a maximum of 4 people per suite. 
    • For STJ or The Village, there will be a maximum of one more person than there is number of bathrooms in an apartment.
  • You are not guaranteed to be the only individuals living in your suite/apartment.
  • Housing reserves the right to fill the open spaces in your suite/apartment.
  • Coeducational groups must completely fill the apartment (using above roommate guidelines)

Summer housing assignments will be made based upon lifestyle characteristics and building preferences listed on the housing application, and roommate requests submitted online. Students will be notified of their summer housing assignment the week of May 10. If you have specific roommate preferences please submit your application by Sunday, May 9.

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