Residential Facilities Maintenance

The Office of Facilities Services provides a dedicated staff of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC-specialists, and generalists specifically for maintaining the Residential Facilities. This staff is on-site during the day, Monday through Friday, to address furniture, infrastructure, appliance, electrical, and other concerns brought to them by the residential community.

If a resident encounters a maintenance concern in one of the buildings, we ask that they submit a work order through MyHousing so the maintenance staff can be informed of the problem. Residents of 1609 Hazel, the Triangle Towers, and Property Management Apartments (PMA) can also use the MyHousing reporting system for Housing-provided furniture and custodial concerns.

For more information on the Office of Facilities Services, please visit their website.

1609 Hazel, PMA, and Triangle Towers Maintenance

The Cleveland Institute of Music, CIM, provides maintenance services for the 1609 Hazel Apartment Building. Information on using their maintenance request system will be provided during move-in.

The Triangle Towers office and the Office of Real Estate provide maintenance services for our residents in the Triangle Towers and the Property Management Apartments (1680, 1719, 1727, The Noble, and Twin Gables). For infrastructure, electrical, plumbing, and appliance concerns, residents will receive instruction on submitting maintenance requests through the Property Boss system.

Residents of these spaces should still use MyHousing for custodial concerns, Housing-provided furniture, and building laundry machines.

After-Hours and Emergency Maintenance

Facilities, the Triangle, and Real Estate all provide after-hours maintenance for emergency situations. In the event of leaks, clogged toilets, heating or cooling failures, or electrical failures residents should contact the non-emergency Security number, 216.368.3300, to have after-hours maintenance dispatched. The work order queues of MyHousing and Property Management are only reviewed during the business day so, in the event of one of the above problems, residents should contact after-hours maintenance.