Housing Available for 100% of Those Who Request through Lottery

To Our Undergraduates:

We write today first to apologize for the confusion and distress that last week’s housing messages caused—and second to announce that we have now identified sufficient university-owned space on and adjacent to campus to meet projected needs. These additional spaces will be included in the housing lottery.

University Housing will provide additional details regarding these options (including their prices) by late next week. For now, we want emphasize that all of the spaces are within the areas that Case Western Reserve’s public safety officers patrol and campus shuttle routes. In addition, we will maintain our residential community within all of these spaces.

If any upper-class housing applicants do not have assignments after the lottery closes April 5, the university will work directly with them to secure housing on or near campus. While some of these units may not be owned by the university, students will pay rates similar to those for comparable on-campus housing. In addition, financial aid for those who choose them will be the same as though the students were living on campus. 

To be clear, we will accommodate 100% of the students who request housing through the lottery process.

Again, we want to emphasize how sorry we are that last week’s announcement created so much concern and frustration for you and your families. We appreciate your patience.

Lou Stark
Vice President for Student Affairs

Richard Jamieson
Vice President for Campus Services