Upper-class Students - Winter Break Housing

The Village at 115, Stephanie Tubbs Jones Hall, 1609 Hazel, The Triangle Apartments and the Property Management Apartments are only available during winter break for students who are returning for Spring 2023.  

Card access for upper-class students will turn off on December 22 at 3 pm.  If you are staying on-campus for any length of time during Winter Break (December 22 - January 12) there will be a winter break sign up form on MyHousing, under the "Actions" section.  This will reactivate your ID card for the days you will be on-campus.  Please note that it will take approximately 30 minutes for your card access to be reactivated once you submit the form.

If your plans change during winter break, you are able to edit this form on MyHousing at any time.