First Year Room Selection Process

First-Year Room Selection

Once your Housing Application is submitted, you may choose a room online through our first year room selection process.

How To Choose A Room

Beginning at 7 PM EST on June 8, 2023, first-year students may choose their room through MyHousing. It is important that you read the information carefully on the "Select Your Room" website. Once you select your room and confirm it, you will not be able to change your housing assignment until the room change process begins during the second week of classes of the fall semester.

You are not required to choose a room online. If you do not select a room by the deadline, we will assign you to a room based upon your lifestyle characteristics and room preference.

Review the How To Choose a Room Online.

Roommate Information

Once you complete your housing application, you can search for a roommate through our online room selection link on MyHousing.  You can search for roommates by name, network ID, lifestyle characteristics or through suggestions based on your lifestyle characteristics.  Create a group and then invite your roommate to your group. They will have the choice to accept or deny the invitation.  Once your group is complete, you can submit your group for the room selection process.

It is not necessary to have a roommate to choose a room online.

Available Rooms

Not all rooms are available at the start of the process. We are finalizing our process and will add more information here by May 25.

Review the How to Choose a Room Online.

How To View Roommate Information

Once you have selected a room, you can find information about your roommate on MyHousing.

Frequently Asked Questions - Housing Selection

Find answers to the most common questions we get about the housing selection process here.