Greek Housing Agreement

2020-21 Greek Housing Agreement

This Greek Housing Agreement is a binding agreement between Case Western Reserve University ("the University") and an individual student member of a qualified Greek organization (“the chapter”).  It indicates the student’s intent to live in approved housing operated by the chapter and/or participate in an approved board plan operated by the chapter for the 2020-2021 academic year. Any release from this obligation is handled solely by the chapter in accordance with its room and board requirements and internal processes. Students released from chapter room and board requirements are still subject to applicable university housing and board requirements.

The student's signature on a Greek housing application form or online acceptance during completion of an application form binds the student to this Greek Housing Agreement and signifies that the student has received, read and agrees to abide by all conditions, terms and policies contained in this agreement, the applicable portions of the CWRU University Policies and Student Code of Conduct, and the CaseCard Terms and Conditions. Copies of this agreement may be obtained from Housing (24 Thwing Center, 216-368-3780, or via the Housing web site (  A copy of the CaseCash Terms and Conditions can be obtained from Auxiliary Services (35 Yost Hall, 216-368-2273,,


To be eligible for residence in a chapter-operated Greek house, a person must be currently registered as a student at the University, the Cleveland Institute of Music, or the Cleveland Institute of Art.

Student application information will be made available to designated chapter
officers who will submit official room assignments to Housing for university record keeping requirements. Students committed to Greek housing will not be able to participate in the general residence hall room selection process.

Undergraduate Housing and Meal Plan Requirement

All full-time, unmarried undergraduate students of the University who do not live at a parent’s permanent residence within 40 miles of the University must live on-campus and participate in either the University board plan or Greek chapter meal plan, if residing in the chapter house, for the first two years of enrollment. Students who seek permission to live off campus as commuters must receive written approval from Housing. Housing Release Request forms are available in 24 Thwing Center and online at Any student who fails to comply with this policy will be subject to the University conduct process.

Occupancy Period

All decisions regarding chapter house room occupancy or chapter board service dates and applicable policies and standards of conduct are solely at the discretion of the chapter.

Billing by the University

The following chapters have the opportunity to enter into a billing agreement with the university covering the room and board plans offered by the chapter: Alpha Chi Omega, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Gamma Delta, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Kappa Theta, Phi Mu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Nu, Sigma Psi, Theta Chi, Zeta Beta Tau and Zeta Psi.

By applying to live in one of the covered houses or selecting a chapter board plan, the student agrees to have the room or board charges, as determined by the chapter, billed and collected by Case Western Reserve University through the student account. If a room or board charge was not available at the time of this agreement, the student agrees to be billed for the board charge determined by the chapter at a later date.

If the student does not pay the bill consistent with the schedule of payment published by the Office of Student Financial Services for tuition and fees, the room charge will be subject to late fees.  If the bill remains unpaid, a hold may be placed on the account and the student will not be able to register for classes, receive transcripts or receive a diploma.

Spring Semester Changes

For agreements starting in the fall semester, room and board assignments, and all applicable room and board charges, will be automatically charged for the
spring semester if the student continues to live in the house or participate in the
chapter board plan.  A designated chapter officer is responsible for submitting any changes to the house roster and/or chapter meal plan to the Office of University Housing by December 11, 2020.

University Board Plans

The board calendar is based on the University’s undergraduate academic calendar. During scheduled breaks there are reduced or no dining options offered in the residential dining commons. Meal plans contain CaseCash which is intended to supplement and support the plan and can be used at various retail locations. Schedules of operating hours are posted online at /. The initial meal plan is selected on the housing website ( and rolls over automatically from Fall to Spring semester of the academic year. 

Instructions on how to make Meal Plan changes

Meal Plan/CaseCash changes, additions and cancellations can be made at  The online option will be active for an extended period prior to the start of each semester and will end on Friday of the first week of classes at 5:00 PM. After this time, it is no longer possible to change meal plans for the semester. Note that not all meal plan selections are available to all students. For questions, please contact

CaseCash Additions and Changes

Students can supplement their CaseCash accounts to $1000 per semester on the housing website.  These supplementary funds are billed to the students’ SIS account. Unlike funds associated with meal plans, supplementary CaseCash must be requested each semester.


The University shall not be liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of or damage to any article of personal property anywhere on the premises caused by fire, water, steam, insufficient heat, the elements, or actions of third persons.

Personal property of students is not covered by University insurance. Students should carry their own insurance protection against loss or damage to their personal property.

University Owned Houses

The following chapter-operated houses are buildings that are leased from the university: Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Mu, Sigma Nu, Sigma Psi, Theta Chi, and Zeta Psi.  Members of these chapters are subject to these additional requirements.

Air Conditioners

Installation and use of non-approved air conditioning equipment in University-owned buildings is prohibited. Air conditioners may be requested for medical reasons only subject to medical verification and approval from the Office of Disability Resources (402 Sears Building, 216-368-5230, Housing will install a free-standing unit once approved.

Residency Termination

Upon a determination by any of the University’s authorized student conduct boards or officers that a resident student has violated an applicable standard of conduct (including, but not limited to, the standards contained in this agreement and the CWRU University Policies and Student Code of Conduct), the University may immediately expel the student from the house or transfer the student to a room in a different residence hall. Appropriate billing will still be determined by the chapter.

Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 5321.031, the University may require
the student to vacate the house only upon a determination that the student has violated a provision of this agreement or violated an applicable standard of conduct, except in any case where a student’s presence in the house poses an immediate threat to person or property, as determined by University personnel, in which case the student may be required to immediately vacate the house until a hearing on the matter is held. A determination that the student has violated a provision of this agreement or violated an applicable standard of conduct may be made only after the student is given written notice of the alleged violation and a right to be heard on the matter. The University’s notice and hearing procedures, and the University’s student conduct boards and officers authorized to make the foregoing determinations, are described in detail in the CWRU University Policies and Student Code of Conduct.