First-Year Students Check In Schedule - Updated

For Fall 2020, we will be having most incoming first year students check in over the course of three days, from Monday August 17th through Wednesday, August 19th between 9 A.M-8 P.M in order to move students in while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Students moving into the residence halls will be tested for COVID-19 before you can check into your room.  All students moving on campus will be tested as part of move in. 

Step 1: COVID-19 Testing for Residential Students  

Students who are moving into residential, on-campus housing will undergo testing for SARS-CoV-2 (“COVID testing”) as they proceed through the move-in process.

All students need to sign up for a 2-hour move-in time block through MyHousing. Students should arrive for testing 30-45 minutes before their scheduled move in time. (ie: if you have a 9:00- 11:00AM move in time, you should arrive for testing between 8:15- 8:30AM). 

Students signed up for the last move in time slot (6:00- 8:00pm) MUST arrive by 5:00pm to be tested. Students who are not scheduled for a move-in time will not be able to be tested. 

Step 2: Check-In To Your Room

Students arriving on Sunday, August 16 will proceed to the North Area Office in Wade Commons or the South Area Office in Carlton Commons to check into their residence hall room and receive their student ID card.

Students arriving on Monday, August 17 - Wednesday, August 19 will check-in at the drive through testing area.  Students using the walk-up testing site will check in at their residential community drop off area.

Step 3: Unload and Move-In

Students will receive a map when they completed the testing directing them to their residential community drop off location.  Carts will be available for you to sign out (ID is required).  

Step 4: Move Car to Parking Lot 

When the last load is in the student's room, the car should be moved immediately to North Residential Village Garage (Lot 46 - E. 117 and Euclid) to free up space on the streets for other students to move in. 


Sign Up for a Move-In Time

If you have not yet signed up for a move-in time, please do so ASAP.  A move-in time is required in order to receive testing for COVID-19.