Spring Check-In Process and Schedule

Check-In Schedule

The current check-in schedule and other important dates are listed below.  If you arrive after the area office office closes, you should consult the posted schedules on the residence halls to contact the staff member on duty for temporary access to your room.  You would need to receive your Covid-19 test the next morning before you can officially check-in.

Date Time Schedule
Wednesday, January 5 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. New First Year, Transfer and Exchange Students
Thursday, January 6   Discover Days Begins for New Students
Thursday, January 6 9 a.m. Halls Open for Returning Students
Sunday, January 9 4:30 p.m. Spring Meal Plan Begins (Fribley and Leutner Commons)
Monday, January 10 . Classes Begin


Step 1: COVID-19 Testing for Residential Students  

New students who are moving into residential, on-campus housing will undergo testing for SARS-CoV-2 (“COVID testing”) as they proceed through the move-in process.

Covid Test Vending Machines

Please stop by the Covid Test vending machine located in Fribley Commons (inside main door on upper level) and Wade Commons (by the vending machines). There is no cost for the test and the instructions are located on the package.  Once you dispense your test, you may go to another room in Wade or Fribley to take the test.

When you are finished with the test please follow the instructions to upload a picture to MyHealthConnect and then drop it in the bin provided by the vending machine. 

Please remember to not eat, drink (including water), smoke, chew gum or vape 30 minutes prior to your testing.  

Step 2: Check-In To Your Room

Once testing is completed, you will proceed to the North Area Office in Wade Commons or the South Area Office in Fribley Commons to check into their residence hall room and receive their student ID card (if necessary), key card or keys. 

Step 3: Unload and Move-In

Students can proceed to unload their car and move-in, by their residence hall.  See maps and parking details for more information.   Limited number of dollies/carts will be available for you to sign out at the area office (ID is required).  

Step 4: Move Car to Parking Lot 

North Campus

When the last load is in the student's room, the car should be moved immediately to North Residential Village Garage (Lot 46 - E. 117 and Euclid) to free up space on the streets for other students to move in. 

South Campus

If you are using one of the identified 20 minute unloading zones in Lot 5 or 57, please move your car to another location to free up the unloading zone for other residents to use.