Faculty Directory

Update, June 5, 2019: As of May 29, 2019, faculty and staff of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing have moved to the new Health Education Campus (HEC). Please note that office numbers have changed. There are research faculty members that remain at the Cornell Road location. If no HEC is present, then the faculty member is most likely still at the Cornell Road location. Please confirm the office with the faculty member with whom you're scheduling a meeting.

Name Phone Office Title Email
Alfes, Celeste 368.4812 HEC: 269B Associate Professor; Director of the Center for Nursing Education, Simulation, and Innovation cms11@case.edu
Al Moghrabi, Hannoud 368.6304 HEC: 231L Instructor hma11@case.edu
Arumpanayil, Angela 368.1076 HEC: 231B Instructor ajm10@case.edu
Austin, Ashley     Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nurse Anesthesia ashley.j.austin@case.edu
Bieda, Amy 368.4591 HEC: 443V Assistant Professor; Director, BSN Program alb24@case.edu
Bernhofer, Esther   HEC: 463G Associate Professor eib3@case.edu
Brooks, Latina 368.1196 HEC: 239L Assistant Professor; Director of the MSN & DNP Programs lmb3@case.edu
Brubaker, Stacy 368.8896 304C Instructor  sab159@case.edu
Burant, Chris 368.0730 HEC: 233C Associate Professor cxb43@case.edu
Caldwell, Mark 368.0221 HEC: 239B Instructor mac84@case.edu
Capper, Beverly


HEC: 443S Assistant Director, BSN Program; Instructor bjc40@case.edu
Carnish, Carli 368.1870 HEC: 459B Instructor cac43@case.edu
Chapman, Katharine 368.0672 HEC: 461C Visiting Instructor kxc202@case.edu
Click, Elizabeth 368.8942 HEC: 441C Assistant Professor erc10@case.edu
Contrera, Margaret (Peggy) 444.2779   Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nurse Anesthesia contrem@ccf.org
Daly, Barbara 368.5994 3110 Gertrude Perkins Oliva Professor in Oncology Nursing bjd4@case.edu
Damato, Elizabeth 368.2597 HEC: 451A Associate Professor egd@case.edu
Danko, Cynthia 368.4138 302C Assistant Professor cld7@case.edu
Darrah, Rebecca 368.0726 HEC: 451E Associate Professor rjm11@case.edu
Dean, Denise   HEC: 441G Lecturer  
DeHaan, Mary 368.6554 322B Instructor mtd6@case.edu
Dillon, Debbie 368.3067 HEC: 459S Assistant Professor dld59@case.edu
DiMarco, Marguerite 368.0593 HEC: 459K Associate Professor mxd50@case.edu
Dolansky, Mary 368.0568 HEC: 231R Associate Professor mad15@case.edu
Douglas, Sara 368.0702 HEC: 469F Assistant Dean of Research; Professor sld4@case.edu
Dowling, Donna 368.1869 HEC: 443F Professor dad10@case.edu
Duffy, Evelyn 368.5485 HEC: 231D Associate Professor; Associate Director of the University Center on Aging and Health exd4@case.edu
Fitzpatrick, Joyce 368.2543 HEC: 451M Elizabeth Brooks Ford Professor in Nursing jjf4@case.edu
Franklin, Mary 368.3198 HEC: 459M

Director, WHNP & Midwifery; Instructor

Gajkowski, Laurine 368.5337 HEC: 443M Instructor lag6@case.edu
Galeski, Janine 368.0652 HEC: 459L Instructor jxs522@case.edu
Gary, Faye 368.5240 HEC: 231P Medical Mutual of Ohio Kent W. Clapp Chair and Professor in Nursing fxg21@case.edu
Gentry, Hollie   HEC: 441H Lecturer  
Grendow, Miko     Instructor grendom@ccf.org
Gron, Judith     Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nurse Anesthesia gronj@ccf.org
Grosh, Marie 368.5337 HEC: 463B  Instructor mdg89@case.edu
Hardin, Heather 368.5129 HEC: 463J Assistant Professor hkh10@case.edu
Heller, Jennifer 368.5976 304B Instructor jgt5@case.edu
Henrich, Christina   HEC: 443H Instructor  
Hickman, Ronald 368.2147 HEC: 463L Associate Dean for Research; Associate Professor rlh4@case.edu
Honsky, Jesse 368.8896 HEC: 451F Instructor jkh50@case.edu
Hopkins, Julie 368.0541 HEC: 443T Instructor jlh208@case.edu
Hoskin, Jessica 368.8701 HEC: 241D Lecturer jhh108@case.edu
Hsiao, Chao-Pin 368.3343 HEC: 451G Assistant Professor cxh416@case.edu
Jackson, Molly 368.4788 HEC: 443X Assistant Professor; Director of the Graduate Entry Nursing Program mjj22@case.edu
Juniper, Kathleen 368.5980 HEC: 231K Instructor kmj20@case.edu
Juratovac, Evanne 368.6688 HEC: 451K Assistant Professor exj11@case.edu
Kaniecki, David 368-2522 NOA390B Instructor dmk104@case.edu
Kelley, Carol 368.8855
HEC: 239E Associate Professor cxg11@case.edu
Kelling, Connie 368.5305 HEC: 443D Instructor csk12@case.edu
Kenneley, Irena 368.4841 HEC: 239G Associate Professor; Continuing Education Coordinator ilz@case.edu
Kerr, Mary E. 368.8775 HEC: 443K May L. Wykle Endowed Professor mek55@case.edu
Killion, Cheryl 368.0462 HEC: 231A Associate Professor cmk61@case.edu
Kinney, Janna 368.6509 HEC: 461H Lecturer jdk174@case.edu
Kolenic, Anne   HEC: 231B Instructor  
Koppelman, Catherine 368.6271 HEC: 443E Visiting Instructor csk79@case.edu
Lewis, Judith 368.6335 HEC: 239F  Instructor jml295@case.edu
Lindell, Deborah 368.3740 HEC: 231J Associate Professor dxl41@case.edu
Lotas, Marilyn 368.6333 206E Associate Professor mjl25@case.edu
Lower, Amy 368.8593 HEC: 461D Lecturer adl90@case.edu
Ludington, Susan 368.5130 HEC: 451H Carl W. and Margaret Davis Walter Professor in Pediatric Nursing sml15@case.edu
Marek, Jane 368.0125 HEC: 459N Assistant Professor jfm2@case.edu
Massoli, Kathleen     Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nurse Anesthesia Massolk@ccf.org
Mazanec, Susan

HEC Phone:

HEC: 463H Assistant Professor srm2@case.edu
McConnell, Kelly 368.1201 HEC: 443N Assistant Professor kkm18@case.edu
McDonald, Patricia 368.3345 HEC: 459F Assistant Professor pxm9@case.edu
McLaughlin, Diane     Clinical Associate Professor  
Milosh, Angela 444.6951 HEC: 231B Director, Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nurse Anesthesia milosha@ccf.org
Mohney, Catherine 368.5161 HEC: 443G Instructor cbm8@case.edu
Moore, Scott   HEC: 239J Assistant Professor sem167@case.edu
Moore, Shirley 368.5978 1100 Edward J. and Louise Mellen Professor in Nursing smm8@case.edu
Moore, Sonya 368.5999 HEC: 239A Assistant Professor; Director, Nurse Anesthesia Program sdm37@case.edu
Morris, Diana 368.6472 HEC: 231G Florence Cellar Associate Professor in Gerontological Nursing; Executive Director of the University Center on Aging & Health; Interim Director, BSN Program dlm5@case.edu
Musil, Carol 368.2545 HEC: 471E Dean and Professor; The Marvin E. and Ruth Durr Denekas Professor cmm4@case.edu
Nikstenas, Colleen 368.1203 HEC: 443L Instructor cmn@case.edu
O'Connell, Grant 368.0850 HEC: 463F Assistant Professor gco6@case.edu
Painter, Susan 368.5338 HEC: 463C Instructor sgp30@case.edu
Patton, Rebecca 368.3125 HEC: 459G Assistant Professor; Lucy Jo Atkinson Professor in Perioperative Nursing rmp9@case.edu
Plow, Matthew 368.8969 HEC: 451B Associate Professor map208@case.edu
Prince-Paul, Mary Jo 368.2520 HEC: 451C Associate Professor mxp42@case.edu
Quinn Griffin, Mary 368.1920 HEC: 451L Professor mtq2@case.edu
Quisenberry, Kerry 368.6335 HEC: 239C Instructor in Nurse Anesthesia Program kxq39@case.edu
Reimer, Andrew 368.7570 HEC: 459A Assistant Professor axr62@case.edu
Satariano-Hayden, Patricia    

Cleveland Clinic Foundation/Frances Payne Bolton School of Nurse Anesthesia

Savrin, Carol 368.5304 HEC: 451D Associate Professor cls18@case.edu
Schiltz, Nicholas 368.3821 HEC: 459H Assistant Professor nicholas.schiltz@case.edu
Sfiligoj, Rita 368.3108 HEC: 459C Assistant Professor rms184@case.edu
Still, Carolyn 368.6338 HEC: 459J Assistant Professor cwh11@case.edu
Terhaar, Mary 368.1906 HEC: 459X The Arline H. and Curtis F. Garvin Professor of Nursing; Associate Dean for Nursing Academic Affairs mft27@case.edu
Thompson, Donna 368.5128 HEC: 231C Instructor dmt64@case.edu
Toly, Valerie 368.3082 HEC: 231H Assistant Professor vab@case.edu
Variath, Mary 368.2202 HEC: 443J Instructor mnv2@case.edu
Voss, Joachim 368.5979 HEC: 231Q Professor; Director of the Hirsh Institute jgv20@case.edu
Webel, Allison 368.3939
HEC Phone:
HEC: 459T Assistant Professor arw72@case.edu
Winkelman, Chris 368.0700 HEC: 451J Associate Professor cxw26@case.edu
Wong, Shannon 368.5128 HEC: 463E Instructor scw77@case.edu
Zauszniewski, Jaclene HEC Phone: 368.3612 /
Research Phone: 216.368.4945
HEC: 233G Kate Hanna Harvey Professor in Community Health Nursing; PhD Program Director jaz@case.edu
Zhang, Amy 368.0968 HEC: 443R Associate Professor axz16@case.edu
Zimmermann, Elizabeth 368.6330 HEC: 233D Assistant Professor etz5@case.edu