Recent Dissertations

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Below are some of our students' recent dissertations. Topics include: caregivers of children with HIV/AIDS; well-being of family caregivers of adults with mental illness and a co-occurring substance-abuse disorder; security of attachments of infants in foster care; parenting styles and school social competence; welfare recidivism; and the effect of patient socioeconomic status on physician’s treatment decisions.

Mental Health Clinicians Perspective on the Role of Acculturation in the Provision of Services to Latinos: A Grounded Theory Exploration.
Sehinkman, Gabriela

Peer-Relationship Patterns and Their Association with Types of Child Maltreatment and Adolescent Risk Behaviors in a Sample of At-Risk Youth.
Yoon, Dalhee

Feasibility of Canine Support in Pediatric Dentistry.
Vincent, Aviva

Social recovery capital among women in early recovery.
Francis, Meredith Wells

Living with Warrants: Life under the Sword of Damocles.
Duda-Banwar, Janelle

Neighborhood and Filial Self-Efficacies as Potential Mechanisms of Resilience Against Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence.
Berg, Kristen

The Impact of Pre-Adoption Stress on the Romanian Adoptees' Transitions to Adulthood and Adult Attachment: Perspectives of the Adoptees and the Adoptive Parents
Nedelcu, Cristina

Psychosocial Predictors of Never Having a Mammogram Among Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean Immigrant Women in the U.S.
Shon, En-Jung

Examining Mental Health Symptoms of Juvenile Justice-Involved Adolescents Over Time: A Latent Transition Analylsis.
Harris, Leon Aaron, III

The Mediating Role of Social Support and Self-Efficacy on the Relationship Between Trauma and Post-Treatment Substance Use Among Low-Income Women.
Taylor, Leigh H

Factors associated with mental health service utilization among young adults with mental illness.
Chung, Chia-Ling

Preventing Neighborhood Disorder: The Role of Mutual Efficacy in Collective Efficacy Theory.
Gearhart, Michael C

The Association of Risk, Protective Factors, and Gender to Substance Use and Sexual Activity Among Prenatally Substance Exposed Adolescents.
Edguer, Marjorie Nigar

The Effect of Early Childhood Residential Mobility on Kindergarten Readiness: The Role of Pre-Kindergarten Programs.
Cho, Youngmin

Educational Attainment for Youth Who Were Maltreated in Adolescence.
Cage, Jamie L

Perspectives of Professionals on Treatment Foster Care Success.
Davis, Kelly