Student Facility Assistant Overview

Student Facility Assistants (SFAs), under the supervision and direction of the Assistant Director of Residential Facilities, are responsible for assisting in the inspection, assessment, reporting, and resolution of maintenance concerns within the residential facilities. SFAs assist with maintenance and minor construction projects. SFAs will also be responsible for assisting in the furniture inventory process, which consists of labeling, scanning labels, taking and loading photos into the furniture computer database.

Position Requirements

  • A pleasant and professional demeanor
  • The ability to work independently and as a team player
  • A valid driver's license to operate university vehicles
  • Availability for after-hour emergencies
  • Physically qualified to lift up to 40 pounds, and to bend, stoop, stretch, reach and climb
  • Pass a required physical examination
  • Contract employment dates: Monday, May 13, 2019 to Sunday, August 25, 2019

Responsibilities - Facilities Maintenance

  1. Perform regular inspections of all equipment and building areas for operating efficiency and safety hazards. Correct and/or create reports for supervisor.
  2. Perform routine building maintenance and housekeeping inspections, including the year-end building inspection process and the development of billing charges
  3. Assist with preparation for fall occupancy
  4. Assist in re-lamping buildings as needed and maintain inventory of replacement bulbs
  5. Assist in prepping and painting of walls and other surfaces
  6. Assist with installation and repair of various types of hardware and furniture
  7. Assist in maintenance and minor repair of all property, including old and sometimes obsolete building equipment
  8. Maintain tools and equipment in good working order
  9. Make recommendations and/or evaluations of equipment conditions to supervisor
  10. Attend and follow all vehicle safety courses and guidelines to insure the highest safety record
  11. Assist in the inventory of university property
  12. Assist in the setup of equipment, furniture, and materials
  13. Accept deliveries and assist in storing items
  14. Assist with ground maintenance
  15. Assist in the coordination and participation of special projects
  16. Maintain accurate records of work performed, materials used, and time allocated
  17. Assist in organizing information from the department's computer-based system for tracking and monitoring of housing maintenance issues
  18. Perform and maintain building monitor reports on all emergency lighting, exit signs, and fire suppression systems
  19. Make proper referrals when necessary
  20. Maintain communication with the Assistant Director of Residential Facilities, the facilities staff, and members of the Office of University Housing
  21. Respond, as needed for facilities, student or guest-related emergencies


  • Single Room, in compensation for being on-the-ready for emergencies*
  • $9.75 per hour, in compensation for regular weekly work shifts
  • Average of 40 hours per week + emergency response

*Please note that housing is provided during the duration of the contract. Summer employees, currently living on campus, also receive housing during the Spring semester transition period prior to May 13. Students hired for the summer who are not living in University-owned residential facilities during the Fall, 2019 semester are only provided housing through Tuesday, August 6. From Tuesday, August 6 through the remainder of the summer contract, students not living in University-owned residential facilities in the fall are responsible for their own housing arrangements. 

Application and Interview Process

To apply for this position, please forward a cover letter to David Brown, Assistant Director of University Housing, at Within a few days, you will receive back an application form for you to complete. The deadline for submitting your application form is February 25, 2019. You may apply for more than one of the three available positions (CSA, SAA and SFA) position with a single cover letter. Please indicate the position or positions for which you are applying in your cover letter.

This position overview is subject to change between the summer semesters.