Baroque Dance Seminar

Photo of students in a dance interlude
In one of the dance interludes choreographed by Julie Andrijeski, sailors celebrate the homecoming of their king. From left: Elena Mullins (GRS ’15), a part-time lecturer in CWRU’s Department of Music and director of the Early Music Singers; Dean Southern, director of CIM’s Opera Theater Program; Anna O’Connell, a master’s student in historical per
Dr. Julie Andrijeski
Course Number
MUHI 342/442
Rehearsal Day/Time
MWF, 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Rehearsal Location
MPAC G20 + G93


This course allows musicians and dances to explore historical dance steps and notation. History of dance and its relationship to music will be emphasized as students learn and perform historical dances.

Offered as MUHI 342/442 for 3.00 units.  

Instructor: Dr. Julie Andrijeski, Head of Historical Performance Program

[video] Baroque Dance performing during the Virtual Young Performers Festival (2021)