Mary Chilton Noyes House

SRV Murray Hill Building 1 Architect Render Showing multipurpose room from outside

Mary Chilton Noyes House & John Sykes Fayette House are scheduled to open August 2024.

The Noyes House will house 172 residents across 4 residential floors with common community space making up the ground floor.  Noyes House is located next to the street (formally Hall #1)

The Hall will include:

  • Multipurpose Room - Ground Floor
  • Health Clinic - Ground Floor
  • Bike Room
  • Two Music Practice Rooms
  • Trash Chutes on Every Floor
  • Building Lounge w/ Full Kitchen
  • Residential Floor Lounges w/ Kitchenettes
  • Laundry Room on Every Floor
  • Central air conditioning

Double rooms are approximately 165 square feet.

Floor plans for Hall 1 can be found here. Single suites are in lavender, resident assistant rooms in orange, single rooms in blue, double rooms in green, and the shared bathrooms in pink.