Spring 2020 Student Move Out

As you prepare to move out in the next two weeks we want to share the protocols the university has adopted to reduce health risks for everyone involved in that process.  In addition to common practices regarding masks and social distancing, these protocols also address the number of individuals who can assist students in moving.

We recognize that some of these requirements may pose an additional burden for families, but Case Western Reserve’s top priority continues to be the well-being of the campus community. Any reference to residence halls applies to Greek Houses as well.

Required Preventive Measures 

Anyone experiencing COVID-19-like symptoms should not come to campus. If students or those assisting them are ill, they should notify housing to reschedule or make alternative arrangements.

While on campus and in any residence hall, students and those accompanying them must comply with the following:
●    Wearing a mask or other face covering at all times.
●    Frequently washing hands and/or using hand sanitizers provided.
●    Maintaining 6 feet of separation in any line queue at entrances, and in stairwells.
●    Limiting elevator occupancy to two people.
●    Entering only the residence hall in which you are moving out, and only during the designated time period (details below).
●    Having only one person accompanying each student into the residence hall (additional people may travel with them).

Closing Dates and Times

The residence halls and Greek houses close on Friday, May 8 at 3:00 pm, with the following exceptions:

  • Graduating seniors - your residence hall agreement allows for you to move out the day after commencement. Since commencement is virtual this year, we are encouraging every one to move out by Friday, May 8 a 3 p.m..  If your move out plans do not allow for you to move out by May 8, please send an email to housing@case.edu describing your situation for approval to move out by 12 noon on Monday, May 18.
  • Students Staying for Summer Housing - if you signed up for spring transition housing, you will not move to your summer assignment until later in May.  We will let you know when you can sign up for a move out time.

Housing Extension Request

For students who cannot move out by Friday, May 8, you may request a housing extension on MyHousing, under your Spring 2020 assignment. Housing extensions will be granted only until Sunday, May 12 at 9pm.  Students will be charged $50/night and will be reflected on their spring student account.

Dining Operations

Residential dining in Fribley and Leutner Commons ends on Thursday, May 7 at 2:30 p.m.  Please return any dishes, silverware and glasses to the dining commons.

24 Hour Quiet Hours

24-hour quiet hours begins on Tuesday, April 28 and will continue until the end of final exams on Thursday, May 7 at 5 p.m.

Sign Up for a Move Out Time

•    Students moving out must register in advance for a specific four-hour window on MyHousing, under the Actions section.
•    No roommates or suitemates may move out within the same four-hour window; roommates with deferred checkouts will move their items out later in May.
•    Dollies and carts will be available for sign out at residential area offices. Staff will sanitize them after every use. 
•    The university will provide adequate supplies of hand sanitizer and cleaning products, as well as assigned staff disinfecting high-touch areas regularly.

Checking Out of Your Room

Depending on your building, the move out process will be different.

First Year Halls, Clarke Tower and The STJ

A complete checkout requires:

  • Removing all belongings from your room 
  • Cleaning and returning the room to its original condition
  • Empty all trash from the room
  • Shut and lock your window.
  • Shut and lock your door
  • Checkout through My Housing
MyHousing menu showing available Actions

Using MyHousing to Check Out

  1. Go to your MyHousing page
  2. Under "Actions" select: Check out of [building & room number]
  3. In the following window confirm your check out (your student ID will no longer unlock your door, make sure you do this step last).

Second Year Halls, Upperclass Halls (except STJ), The Triangle and All Greek Houses

A complete checkout requires:

  • Removing all belongings from your room 
  • Cleaning and returning the room to its original condition
  • Empty all trash from the room
  • Shut and lock your window.
  • Shut and lock your door
  • Retrieve an envelope, available by the Express Checkout box for your Area:
    • Carlton Road - boxes are on the first floor of each building (in the lobby or next to the office)  
    • Murray Hill - boxes are on the first floor of each building
    • The Village at 115 - boxes are in the Village 3A Office, behind Starbucks and the Village 6 Lobby
    • Triangle Apartments - boxes are on the first floor of Tower 2, across from the elevator
    • Greek Houses - boxes are in Fribley and Wade Commons

Completing the Check Out Envelope

  1. On the envelope, please write your name (first and last), network ID, building and room number, and date of checkout.
  2. Seal the envelope with a piece of tape (rolls provided near the Express Checkout boxes)
  3. Put the completed envelope into the Express Checkout box

If you do not complete all parts of the checkout process, you may be assessed a $100 improper checkout fee, $96.00 for each key not returned, $10 for each key card not returned, plus any damage identified in your room and/or suite/apartment.

Damage and Cleaning Charges

The Offices of University Housing, Residence Life and Greek Life reserve the right to conduct a final check of all rooms and suites/apartments after residents have checked out to assess additional damages.  If damages are assessed, you will receive an email indicating the nature and amount of the damages, as well as the appeal process for contesting charges.  This email will be sent to your Case email account and is the only notification you will receive about damages. 


Dumpsters are available during move out for you to use if the trash cans/chutes/rooms are full, or for larger items.  Dumpsters can be found by Alumni House, Michelson House, Clarke Tower, between Houses 4/5 and 5/6 at The Village at 115.

Parking During Move-Out

The following parking lots will be open during move-out:

  • Lot 5 - Murray Hill  Residence Halls and Greek Houses
  • Lot 57 - Carlton Road Residence Halls and Greek Houses
  • Lot 46 - Parking garage by The Village at 115

All vehicles must park in the parking area designated for their residence hall (list below). 

Village at 115
•    Houses 1 and 2 will park in Lot 46 or on E. 117th Street.
•    House 3 will park on E. 116th Street.
•    House 3a, 4, 5, and 6 will park on E. 115th Street. All vehicles should enter E. 115th from the intersection of E115th and Bellflower.  
•    House 7 will park on E. 115th or Finnegan Way. All vehicles should enter E. 115th from the intersection of E. 115th and Bellflower. 

Other North Residential Village Buildings
●    Smith, Taft, Taplin, Tyler, Sherman, Raymond and Norton will park on Juniper Rd. All vehicles should enter Juniper from the intersection of Ford and East Blvd.  
●    Storrs will park in Lot 42 or along Mistletoe or Magnolia drives.
●    Pierce and Hitchcock will park on E. 115th Street.
●    Cutler, Clarke Tower and Stephanie Tubbs Jones will park in the Clarke Tower parking lot or on E. 115th Street.

The Triangle Apartments

●   Use the surface lot adjacent to the Triangle, Towers 1 & 2.  Obtain a parking validation to park for 4 hours free in the surface lot.

South Residential Village Buildings

●    Alumni, Howe, Staley, Tippit and Murray Hill Greek houses will park in Lot 5.
●    Kusch, Michelson, Glaser and Carlton Road Greek houses will park in Lot 57.


Don't forget to take your bike home!  If you are unable to take your bike home for the summer, please leave it in the bike storage room in your current residence hall.  We will set a process for you to pick up your bike in the fall to move it to your new residence hall.