The Company We Keep

Stan Gerson

When you consider the company we keep, we are in good company, indeed!

Substantiating the statement above, President Scott Cowen and I received a wonderful email on Thanksgiving from a very strong advocate for CWRU and the School of Medicine: 

Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving.

Look at this wonderful ranking of research quality in the biosciences (sic., biomedical and health sciences). Case Western Reserve is 12th in the world (sic., 8th in North America). In all sciences, the University ranks #62.

Enjoy Thanksgiving.


Congratulations to all of you who work diligently to discover, report and be recognized by our peers internationally. Talk about a village: it takes our entire community of educators, investigators, staff, trainees and teams to hit this top-performing—dare I say, aspirational—spot in the world of intellectual recognition for what you do.

Savor this moment. Thank our international office, directed by David Fleshler, who feeds data to the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) Leiden for their rankings. And most importantly, remember this is based on the data you all generate as papers, citations, awards and the like.

Yet we have much to do: aspirations for greater success in multi-investigator efforts; a better and more diversified trainee and faculty pipeline; greater emphasis on community benefit through implementation and commercialization; and even better international recognition in training, research and collaborations. 

For each of these endeavors above, I say go for it! The school is here to help each of you succeed, find you needed assets, support your career advancement and amplify our recognition here and across the globe.

As we rejuvenate over the winter months, hatch your next grand idea, help us with our strategic plan, and ThinkBig.


Learn more about CWTS here, and Leiden University here.