Health Care Forums—What if ...

Stan Gerson

The first 2020 U.S. Presidential Debate leading up to the election in November will be held on September 29 at the Healthcare Education Campus—with health care as the main topic.
What if …
… before the national audience tunes in to Cleveland to hear the presidential candidates discuss health care in America, we, representing HEALTH CARE IN CLEVELAND—University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, and the VA Medical Center, under the umbrella of the CWRU School of Medicine—weigh in as expert academic faculty;
… we conduct a series of forums on the state of health care in the days leading up to the debate;
… our students describe their educational experience in the HEC, including interprofessional education, the special circumstances of the COVID era, and their vision of health care for the future;
… we ask for faculty and staff volunteers to support organized virtual forums, each about an hour in length, to be held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, September 23, 24, and 25 leading up to the debate;
… we frame and lead the conversation. Cleveland is the nations’ leader in health care research and delivery, biotechnology, education, innovation, interprofessional education, and health care reform. Now is our opportunity to deliver our perspective to the nation.
What if we just go ahead and do it?
We are.
Send your ideas and interest in joining us here as we plan these events.
Let’s get to work!


Stan Gerson, MD
Interim Dean, School of Medicine and Interim Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs
Director, Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
Director, National Center for Regenerative Medicine