Message from Lia Logio and Bud Isaacson: Back to the HEC!

I’m not the only one excited about students, faculty and staff returning to campus! I loaned my column to Lia Logio and Bud Isaacson, leaders at the HEC, to share their enthusiasm for students coming back to the Health Education Campus. 

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Back to the HEC!

Lia Logio and Bud Isaacson
Lia Logio and Bud Isaacson

The School of Medicine is preparing to get back to the business of education at the Health Education Campus! On July 6, 2021, we will welcome the entering medical school classes for the University Program (UP), the Medical Science Training Program (MSTP, MD/PhD combined degree) and the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine's 5-year physician investigator pathway, also known as the College Program (CP). Soon after, the rising second-year medical students will also resume their studies on campus. 

The Physician Assistant (PA) students and Master of Science in Anesthesiology (CAA) candidates have already arrived. We've been slowly expanding our presence in the building over the past six months with much of our Structure curriculum (gross anatomy through HoloAnatomy, radiology, and living anatomy through ultrasound) happening in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays since January. The Mount Sinai Simulation and Clinical Skills Center has been in full swing even longer, helping the PA and MD students practice and hone their clinical skills. 

We look forward to helping not only our new students but also our rising second-year students become familiar with the HEC since they haven’t had the same amount of time to roam around. The HEC has many great learning spaces, from the stunning screen in the large lecture hall to each of the small group rooms that feature oversized touchscreen computers to facilitate collaboration during the sessions. The building also has two beautiful team-based learning rooms that feature table microphones for inter-team, large group discussions. Finally, the HEC has loads of informal study spaces. The atrium is a great casual study space, the fourth-floor lounges offer a bit more comfort, and the small group rooms have two to three walls painted with whiteboard paint for those who like to draw things out. 

The faculty are particularly excited to return to the HEC and be with students in person, and we cannot wait to have these faculty members back in the building! They bring such a positive spirit and are so dedicated to supporting our students.  

With everyone returning to the HEC, informal interactions between students in the UP and CP, as well as the PA, MSA, dental and nursing programs start up again. Spontaneous interplay will enhance everyone’s wellness and foster a great sense of support. It will be wonderful for students and their society deans and physician advisors to meet in the same room together! Student groups and committees can meet on campus and resume the wonderful work they do to enrich the school. And while the staff has done an amazing job working remotely, they miss seeing each other, too. We all look forward to an academic year with less Zooming!

Coming back to the HEC reminds us of the value of our educational community, where we can engage in person and develop a sense of connection not possible during the pandemic. We look forward to welcoming students to the HEC and anticipate great energy when we can gather together to learn and talk about medicine.

Lia Logio
Vice Dean, Medical Education    
CWRU School of Medicine

Bud Isaacson
Executive Dean
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine