Message from Marvin Nieman and Cheryl Thompson: Welcome Back!

More excitement from our Graduate Education Office! Marvin Nieman and Cheryl Thompson share their enthusiasm for students in the labs and PhD and Masters students coming back to campus. 

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Welcome Back!

Marvin Nieman and Cheryl Thompson
Marvin Nieman and Cheryl Thompson

The Graduate Education Office is looking forward to another great academic year full of new discoveries. We recognize that many of you have been hard at work in your labs during the pandemic. It wasn’t easy, but you rose to the challenge and made significant progress. Please pause for a minute and acknowledge this effort for yourself and your fellow students. 
We also recognize the challenges the second-year students faced during a first-year that was mostly remote. We are confident that the move back to in-person campus activities will allow for the informal hallway conversations that spark creative energy and peer support among your fellow students within and across programs. Run with these ideas as they are likely to take you in more interesting directions than the straight and narrow path. 
We look forward to meeting the nearly 70 new PhD students who will begin on July 1 in our wide range of programs from the Biomedical Scientist Training Program (BSTP) to Molecular Medicine, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, Biomedical & Health Informatics, Clinical Translational Science and Bioethics.
We especially would like to welcome nearly 400 new Master's students who are joining us this summer and fall. They, along with their second-year colleagues, are getting back to in-person instruction—providing a much-needed break from Zooming. The in-person activities will also facilitate networking with faculty, staff and fellow students that will no doubt propel your careers forward.   
We are already planning networking events and career and professional development workshops for the coming year with faculty, local entrepreneurs, alumni, and other special guests. Additionally, we are preparing expanded experiential learning opportunities—ones that get back to the in-person opportunities we had before COVID, but also expanding from last year and keeping some of the great remote ones that are not limited to Northeast Ohio.

On behalf of the entire Graduate Education Office, we wish you a productive year in all of your academic pursuits! 
Marvin Nieman
Interim Associate Dean for Graduate Education, Graduate Education Office
CWRU School of Medicine

Cheryl Thompson
Assistant Dean of Educational Initiatives, Graduate Education Office
CWRU School of Medicine