U.S. Supreme Court Admissions Decision

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

After awaiting the decision by the Supreme Court of the United States that resulted in a ruling that race-based admissions are unconstitutional, we write to express that Case Western Reserve School of Medicine remains committed to its mission and values to improve global health by linking research to populations in a superb educational environment. 

 We will continue with our unwavering commitment to train a healthcare workforce that meets the needs of our local, national and global communities, to improve healthcare accessibility and to provide the highest quality of care for all. Our programs continue to emphasize that our trainees gain knowledge and skills to provide these services. We will always strive to improve the health of our community through our educational programs, which both reflect our community and attend to the particular challenges of our region, nation and the world.


Stan Gerson, MD

Dean and Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs

School of Medicine, Case Western Reserve University