The Ides of March

CWRU School of Medicine Dean Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD

Far from presaging gloom, the Ides of March has just capped a wonderful two-week run for the School of Medicine. 

Last Tuesday we learned that we were elevated a rank in the U.S. News & World Report rankings to #24 (and remained #1 in Ohio). In addition, two departments, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, made their own lists at #19 and #28 respectively. While there is debate about the methodology used for the rankings, better placements do help attract great students, residents, and faculty. 

On Friday the Vancouver-based company formed around Jerry Silver’s technology to improve re-growth of severed nerves had a successful IPO, raising CA$10M for the clinical trials to come. What a rewarding opportunity to take the wisdom of a career and apply it to helping human beings in need!

Recently, Ohio Department of Medicaid selected the SOM as lead institution for the Ohio Diabetes Consortium and Quality Improvement Project. Congratulations to Mike Konstan and his team, who brought this honor home to accompany our leadership of the Ohio Cardiovascular Health Collaborative and Hypertension Quality Improvement Project.

Additionally, the long running grant to Fabio Cominelli and Theresa Pizarro on inflammatory bowel disease, first funded in 1990, will be renewed – and in the next cycle will celebrate its 30th anniversary. Not many can carry the same proposal forward for that long!   

The finale was the fabulous residency matches of our students on March 15. We are proud that nearly 40% matched to top hospitals (per U.S. News), and it was delightful to see so many of our students thrilled with their new destinations. Of those matching in the surgical specialties, 49% were women – an outstanding number that continues to rise each year.  All 19 students who sought highly competitive residencies in orthopedic surgery matched, as did all nine who sought residencies in neurosurgery, another highly competitive specialty.  Likewise for our nine budding dermatologists.  Overall, about 20% of our graduating students are remaining in Cleveland at University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic, and MetroHealth. This was truly a glorious day for the School as we prepare to launch another wonderful class.  From here it is a short sprint to graduation… 

All in all, nothing to beware in the 2019 Ides of March. Congratulations once again to everyone who received good news this month!