Match Day 2018

Dean Pamela B. Davis

Yesterday, the Ides of March. Tomorrow, St. Patrick’s Day. And today … Match Day at the School of Medicine!

When they arrived here four or five years ago, these students knew that they had a lot to learn before deciding what path to follow. And now, they have chosen their medical specialties and the programs in which they want to train. The big computer in the sky has whirred and labored and has produced the best of all possible worlds – we hope – for the majority of applicants and programs.

At noon, our students opened their envelopes, and took the next step on their journey as physicians!

We are excited for them, finishing their preparation for the independent practice of medicine and launching into the adventure of residency. We are proud of them, for they have accomplished an enormous amount in a short period. They have emerged thinking like doctors, at the top of their game – well prepared to grasp the lowest rung of the next ladder they must climb to realize their dreams.

They have been admitted to residencies at top hospitals in the country, including our own affiliated hospitals – Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth, and University Hospitals, and have matched in very competitive specialties. We are, as always, in awe of what our students achieve.

When they go forth as our ambassadors to all these great places, we will be judged on how they perform in their new roles. Frankly, I can’t imagine a group I’d rather be judged by. Godspeed!


Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD
Dean, School of Medicine
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