School of Medicine researchers have work published in Journal of Biological Chemistry

A team of researchers, led by Pathology Professor Vincent M. Monnier recently had their work published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Their paper was titled” α-Crystallin chaperone mimetic drugs inhibit lens γ-crystallin aggregation: Potential role for cataract prevention” and included the following researchers:

  • Vincent M. Monnier
  • Sidra Islam
  • Michael T. Do
  • Brett S. Frank
  • Grant L. Hom
  • Hisashi Fujioka
  • Benlian Wang
  • Geeta Minocha
  • David R. Sell

About the research

Age-related cataract results from physical chemical insults to the proteins of the lens, eventually leading to their unfolding and formation of aggregates that scatter light. To pharmacologically intervene against this process the Monnier lab screened a library of small molecules for anti-aggregation activity of the gamma crystallins present in the center of the lens. Two compounds, closantel, an anti-helmintic drug, and gambogic acid, an experimental anti-cancer drug, were found to block aggregation by a mechanism similar to the natural chaperone process that keeps the lens transparent for many years.

Read the paper.