Veterans Day Spotlight: John Durfee, DVM, School of Medicine

John Durfee

There are many Case Western Reserve University students, faculty and staff who have served our country–John Durfee, DVM, director of the animal resource center in the School of Medicine is one of those veterans.

Durfee served in the United States Air Force from 1974 to 1979 in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. 

“I joined the Air Force to escape a small town in northern Idaho and a career working in the mines like many of my family members, “ said Durfee. 

He worked as a veterinary technician after discharge and earned his undergraduate degree and part of his veterinary degree through the GI Bill. 

“My time in the service set me on a pathway to success in my field, “said Durfee. 

As director of the animal resource center, Durfee and his 55-person team provide husbandry and veterinary services 365 days a year to ensure critical biomedical research continues. Durfee’s team recently received an outstanding review from the Accreditation Association for Laboratory Animal Care, particularly notable during the pandemic, which required technicians to adhere to staggered scheduling and social distancing.  

The Case Western Reserve community is honoring many of its members on Veterans Day, for their dedication and service to the country. Read about another university staff member who served his country.