2023 Reunion Leadership + Class Agents

This year, the reunion leadership is drawn from classes ending in 3's and 8's. Those in bold indicate the Class Agent representative.

Position Name  
Overall Reunion Co-Chairs  Rebecca Darrah, PhD  
Class of 1963 Ron Posner, MD  
Class of 1968

Doris Evans, MD

James Perrin, MD

Ellen Perrin, MD

Edward Sadar, MD

Fred Stoddard, MD


Class of 1973

50th Reunion 

Wayne Barry, MD

Henry Bloom, MD

Vince Guadiani, MD

Mildred Lam, MD

Bob McVicker, MD

Jim Moses, MD

David Orenstein, MD

Class of 1978 Patricia Dailey, MD  
Class of 1983

Elizabeth Allen, MD

Elaine Batchelor, MD

Michael Benninger, MD

David Berns, MD

Ted Bobinksy, MD

Pamela Brown, MD

Nora Lindheim, MD

David Mitchell, MD

Allen Roth, MD

Charles Taylor, MD

Class of 1988

Karen Ashby, MD

Teresa Dews, MD

Class of 1993

Michael Jeng, MD

Nina Russell, MD

Class of 1998 Alan Weiss, MD  
Class of 2003    
Class of 2008    
Class of 2013