Tawna L. Mangosh, PharmD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmacology
Center for Medical Education
School of Medicine
Program Director
Translational Pharmaceutical Science Program
School of Medicine

Dr. Mangosh received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The University of Findlay, and she maintains active licensure in the state of Ohio. Additionally, Dr. Mangosh received her Ph.D. in the Department of Pharmacology at Case Western Reserve University, where she worked on characterizing regulators of telomere maintenance mechanisms in castration-resistant prostate cancer. During her Ph.D. training, Dr. Mangosh also taught pharmacology to undergraduate, dental, medical and doctoral students. Upon graduation, Dr. Mangosh joined the faculty of the Department of Pharmacology at CWRU to primarily teach and develop courses and programs to meet the needs of students across the School of Medicine. Though Dr. Mangosh is a pharmacist and cancer biologist by training, she is currently focused on educational research, specifically curriculum development and reform in the graduate and medical education spaces.


Selected Publications

Fall LH, Fulton TB (Lead Editors); Aronson J, Basha M, Bernstein JA, Dalmeida D, Dell M, English R, Gallman E, Harris DM, Höner Honer zu Bentrup K, Kahler G (student), Lyons V, Mangosh TL, Milan F, Ngo KD, Nixon LJ, Rogstad D, Russo D, Sheridan L, Xiong W, Yoest JM (Contributing Authors in alphabetical order). Aquifer Sciences Integrated Illness Scripts: Urinary Tract Infection: Acute Cystitis. Fall LH and Wilson-Delfosse AL, eds. www.aquifer.org. Date of First Publication: July 1, 2023.

Mangosh TL. The Notable Integration of Clinically Relevant Pharmacology in Problem-Based Learning Cases. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2023 Jun 1; 385:396.10.1124/jpet.122.237470.

Mangosh TL, Grabowska MM, Taylor DJ. SLX4IP N-terminus dictates telomeric localization in ALT-like castration-resistant prostate cancer cell lines. Prostate. 2021 Sep 7;10.1002/pros.24225. PMCID: PMC8460604

Mangosh TL, Awadallah WN, Grabowska MM, & Taylor DJ. SLX4IP Promotes Telomere Maintenance in Androgen Receptor–Independent Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer through ALT-like Telomeric PML Localization. Molecular Cancer Research. 2021 Feb 1;(19) (2) 301-316. PMCID: PMC8086381

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