Committee Members

CME Members 2022-2023

Elected Faculty Members

  • Chair Corinne Bazella, Department of Reproductive Biology (2021-2024) 
  • Melissa Jenkins, Department of Infectious Disease (2021-2024)  
  • Mildred Lam, Department of Medicine (2021-2024)
  • Marina Magrey, Department of Medicine (2021-2024)
  • Kathryn Miller, Department of Pediatrics (2018-2024) 
  • Jessica Taylor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics (2021-2024)  
  • Jennifer Yoest, Department of Pathology (2021-2024)  
  • Caroline Abramovich, Department of Pathology (2022-2025)  
  • Preeti Gandhi, Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine (2022-2025)   
  • Anantha Harijith, Department of Pediatrics (2022-2025)  
  • Oliver Schirokauer, Department of Bioethics (2022-2025)  
  • Abigail Basson, Department of Nutrition (2023-2026)
  • Marcus Germany, Department of Medicine (2023-2026)

Appointed Faculty Members

  • Debra Leizman, Department of Internal Medicine (2019-2022)
  • Jaividhya Dasarathy, Department of Family Medicine (2018-2024) 

Ex Officio Voting Members

  • Christine Warren, Associate Dean of Admissions and Student Affairs, College Program  
  • Neil Mehta, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, College Program  
  • Steven Ricanati, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, University Program, Dean, Wearn Society
  • Amy Wilson-Delfosse, Associate Dean for Curricular Affairs, University Program 
  • J. Harry “Bud” Isaacson, Executive Dean, College Program  

Ex Officio Non-Voting Members

  • Colleen Croniger, Assistant Dean for Basic Science Education, University Program
  • Linda Graham, Assistant Dean for Research Education, College Program
  • Robert Jones, Associate Dean for CQI & Associate Dean for Clerkship Education, MetroHealth
  • Christine Moravec, Director of Basic Science Education, College Program 
  • Kenneth Simmons, Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education, University Program
  • Craig Nielsen, Assistant Dean of Clinical Education, College Program, Co-Chair Joint Clinical Oversight Group
  • Simran Singh, Chief of Staff for Education, Assistant Dean for Clerkship Education, Cleveland VAMC
  • Wei Xiong, Assistant Dean for Clerkship Education, University Hospitals
  • Lia Logio, Vice Dean for Medical Education

Student Representatives

  • Alison Heilbronner, College Program (Class of 2027)
  • Daniela Schmulevish, College Program (Class of 2027)
  • Kayla Klatt, MSTP (Class of 2026)
  • Mackenzie Deighen, University Program (Class of 2026)
  • Sami Saniei, University Program (Class of 2024)

Official Guests of the CME Directors/Managers

  • Jessica DeCaro, Director, Cleveland Health Sciences Library 
  • Beth Bierer, Director of Assessment and Evaluation, College Program
  • Siu Yan Scott, Registrar

Official Guests of the CME – Society Deans

  • Marjorie Greenfield, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dean, Geiger Society
  • Jason Lambrese, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dean, Gerberding Society
  • Angelique Redus-McCoy, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dean, Robbins Society
  • Todd Otteson, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dean, Blackwell-McKinley Society
  • Jill Azok, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dean, Satcher Society