LinCS (Leaders in Communication Skills) is a series of in-depth workshops that focuses on various aspects of communication. The workshops, which range in length from two to three hours, provide participating faculty members and staff with additional skills that will enhance their ability to communicate effectively and in a culturally sensitive manner with colleagues, team members, students, patients, research participants, and communities.

Development of new workshops is an ongoing venture. Workshops developed to date include Safe Zone Professional, which seeks to provide health care professionals and researchers with information relating to LGBT individuals' unique health care needs and healthcare-related experiences and suggestions for making their practices, offices, or research endeavors more LGBT-friendly.

Diversity in Research, developed in collaboration with CWRU's Office of Research Administration and Office for Inclusion, Diversity, and Equal Opportunity, focuses on the importance and relevance of diversity in the design of research studies, the recruitment of study participants, and the hiring of study staff.