Meet our CVMP Staff


Tessianna Misko, PhD

Tessianna Misko joined The Graduate Education Office here at CWRU School of Medicine in 2018 as the program manager of education and training opportunities and is now the Director of Career & Professional Development. Through her own personal experience in graduate school and the journey to develop as a professional and discover her career path, Tessianna discovered a passion for assisting students through this intimidating phase of their professional career. She also enjoys working with companies to understand what their workforce needs are and help them discover the unique talent that this next generation of students possess.

Tessianna brings with her the experience and knowledge of the needs of bio-medical graduate students and the needs of early-stage career development and the career landscape for this cohort of individuals. Through her previous experiences, Tessianna is able to help coach students through the process of exploring career paths and connecting these students with local companies and organizations to bridge the void between academia and industry.

Tessianna earned a PhD in Pharmacology from Case Western Reserve University and a BA in Biochemistry from Hiram College. Prior to starting her tenure at Hiram College, Tessianna spent the summer after graduating from high school working at STERIS Corporation where her love of research and her understanding of the environment of science in a business setting began.