Translational Fellows Program

The CWRU Translational Fellows Program (TFP) seeks to train individuals in entrepreneurship and the translation of innovation to benefit humanity by connecting them to programs and workshops around campus while protecting time for entrepreneurial activities.

Meet the 2020-2021 Fellows

  • Ideally current senior doctoral student or post-doc at CWRU, but others will be considered
  • Working with a PI on a CWRU-based technology that has the potential for commercialization
  • Must be willing to commit to 20% effort for one full year
  • Commitment to setting aside one day/week for moving the technology to market
  • Attendance at meetings/workshops through the program (once/month group meetings, workshops 4-6 times/year)
  • 20% salary coverage for 12 months
  • Training and support for commercialization efforts
  • Entrepreneurship/commercialization mentoring team
  • Support from PI
  • Fellow interest in entrepreneurship
  • Commercialization potential of technology
  • It is preferred but not required that the applicant has scientific expertise in the technology (i.e. is a technology developed in the lab that they are working in)
  • Applications are highly encouraged from female and underrepresented minority students and post-docs

This Program is Financially Supported by the Generosity of: 

Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF)

Case Comprehensive Cancer Center (Case CCC)

Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative (CTSC)

Office of the Provost