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Subject: Bridge Funding

The Bridge Funding Program is designed to support short-term faculty funding gaps in recently funded projects. New projects or long-term unfunded projects are not eligible for the Bridge Funding Program. These funds act as a bridge when a grant renewal has been rejected and there will be a gap in funding until the investigator has re-submitted an application. If you are not sure that you are eligible for the Bridge Funding Program, please contact our office to discuss further. The funds are provided through the Office of the Dean and are distributed based on a review process. Applications are reviewed for perceived need and potential return, and rely on strong support from the investigator's Chair. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Faculty whose funding has recently ended, who are looking to continue and maintain a project, with a clear strategy for securing additional funding in the near future (re-submission of grant or other grant submissions to continue the current project)
  • Applicants must show evidence of an independent research program, have applied for renewal funding in support of this proposed bridge fund project or continued funding for the current project through a new proposal, and be judged likely to continue such funding pending resubmission
  • Open to SOM faculty whose indirect costs are reported and kept in full through the School of Medicine
  • All submissions must be made by the chair of the investigator's department. The chair shall provide a cover letter outlining the benefits of bridge funding to the department and institution
  • The cover letter must also specify departmental resources that will be committed to support all or part of the request (departments are expected to match any funds 1:1)
  • No individual applications will be accepted
  • If the investigator is looking for support for a new project, does not have a recently ended grant, or does not have a resubmission pending, he/she is not eligible for the Bridge Funding Program. If this is the case, please visit the CTSC for information on pilot grants

Evaluation Requirements

  • Review of investigator's current research, including recent publications and manuscripts submitted or in press.
  • History of external and recent internal support.
  • History of recent grant application activity
  • Priority scores and funding cutoffs of recent unfunded grant applications.
  • External review sheets (a.k.a. Summary Statements or pink sheets)
  • One page statement of how the investigator will respond to critique.
  • Statement of expected resubmission date.
  • Statement of how bridge funding will be applied and how it will lead to extramural funding
  • Remaining funding sources in the laboratory.
  • Consequences to the research program because of lack of bridge funding.


  • All expenses that support the research enterprise including personnel, supplies, animals, services, etc. are allowable.
  • Faculty salaries are NOT allowable expenses, but may be used as match.
  • The maximum award is not to exceed $60,000 for one year (with a possible additional $60,000 coming from department matching funds). Only one award per investigator will be provided within a four year period. The total number of awards will depend on resources available.
  • If the investigator misses the deadline for grant resubmission as stated in the application, funding may be withdrawn and a written explanation will be required.
  • If the investigator receives outside funding from any source (non-NIH federal, state, foundation, etc.), bridge funding will be returned back to the pool immediately so future requests can be funded.
  • The investigator agrees that the Bridge fund is for a period of twelve (12) months only and if the investigator has funds left after the 12 month period ends, all remaining funds will be returned to the Bridge Funding Program pool


Application and Instructions
Investigator Checklist
Investigator Final Activity Report

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.