CLEARPATH and SHED (ICB Translational Informatics Core)


Jonathan Haines

Jill Barnholtz-Sloan

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Kellie Bruening

Kathy Miller

The ICB Translational Informatics Core overall goal is to provide expertise, data analysis, and data management solutions that will facilitate discovery and collaboration leading to maximal impact in the medical research field. The Safely Held Electronic Data platform (SHED) which is operated by the core, provides access to licensed versions of OnCore and Labmatrix with other tools utilized by modern translational research activities. The SHED platform includes standardized data management tools, customized data structures, longitudinal tracking of study subjects (including disease profiles and outcomes), versioned IRB protocols, subject consents, clinical findings (including images), pedigree-formatted family data, complete biospecimen tracking (annotations, locations, chains of custody, barcodes), cell and cell lines annotation, and reporting (research-oriented and administrative). The platform utilizes standardized operating procedure and a risk based approach to adhere to rigid access control, auditing and encryption procedures.


Case Western Reserve University, Wolstein Research building

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