Yes. We recognize the importance of privacy and you are welcome to remove the SSNs of yourself and your family members.

Please submit your documents by secure upload to My Financial Aid on the Documents & Messages page. We do not accept documents by mail, email, or fax.  

Make sure you have a stable internet connection before starting the upload. Contact our office at medfinancialaid@case.edu if your initial upload was unsuccessful and you need the upload link to be reset.

You can combine both documents into a single file before uploading. Or reach out to us and we can add additional links for you. 

We accept foreign tax documents provided an unofficial translation is included in the submission. Please make sure to translate all fields (i.e. wages, gross income, business income, investments, etc.) and convert all monetary information to USD. Make sure to label the documents as converted, so we know that the currency is correct.

The status of a document will change from Not Received to Not Reviewed once a file is uploaded. Once a document has been reviewed and is approved, the status will update once more to Approved. Processing time is generally 1-2 weeks.  

Please see our Aid Process Overview page to see the disbursement schedule.

Please visit our Financial Aid Refund and Advances page to determine your eligibility for a financial aid advance.