Baroque Vocal Ensembles

Dr. Peter Bennett
Course Number
MUEN 396-101
Rehearsal Day/Time
W, 1:30 PM - 2:45 PM
Rehearsal Location
Harkness Chapel
Participation Information

Requires audition.  Please email director.


Baroque Vocal Ensembles (EMS 2) provides an opportunity for CWRU and CIM students to explore the sacred and secular small-ensemble vocal repertoire of the 17th and 18th centuries (from Monteverdi madrigals to Clérambault cantatas to Bach motets), singing one-to-a-part, mostly with continuo accompaniment. Larger projects include collaborations with other CWRU Historical Performance and Cleveland Institute of Music ensembles/musicians, and gallery concerts at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Director: Dr. Peter Bennett, Coordinator of Graduate Studies in Historical Perf Prac


  • Baroque Vocal Ensembles is open to CWRU students in the Historical Perf Prac program, and to CIM/CWRU students (with an interest in this repertoire) by audition. 
  • Please contact the director for more information.


Enrollment permissions are granted in the Student Information System (SIS) following a successful audition or during the first week of class. Once course permissions have been granted (before the Drop/Add period ends) students should return to their SIS account to register in the appropriate MUEN course. 

[video] Baroque Vocal Ensembles: Claudio Monterverdi, Lamento della Ninfa, from Madrigals, Book 8