International Students

In adherence with federal regulations, students must possess proof of adequate funds available to cover all tuition, health insurance, living and anticipated incidental expenses for one year in the U.S. You will submit this documentation through the Center for International Affairs. Additional information about this process can be found on their Forms and Resources page.

International students enrolled in the University Program are not eligible for federal student loans or need-based scholarships and loans from the School of Medicine. 

International students enrolled in the College Program receive a full scholarship covering tuition and fees. In the 5th year of study or the year in which students do research, there will be a continuation fee equal to 5% of tuition; this is covered by the full tuition scholarship. A stipend will be provided for students to support living expenses in the research year. Financial aid resources to cover living expenses for international students in the College Program are very limited.

Private Loans

A variety of private educational loans can be found using FASTChoice, an online private loan counseling and selection tool.

Listed lenders are selected by an annual RFI that looks at areas such as customer service, financial stability and loan terms. Many programs are designed for specific types of borrowers, and they comprise various loan terms and underwriting guidelines. Private loans are unsubsidized and can be denied due to adverse credit.

More Resources for International Students

Canadian students are especially encouraged to apply to their provincial governments for assistance.