New Employees - January 2024

Abstract of new people joining a company

The School of Medicine welcomed the following new employees in January 2024 to the School of Medicine :

Name  Department  Role
Jeri Jewett-Tennant Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative Research Associate
Amy Marcano-Reik Biomedical Engineering - SOM Senior Research Associate
Elizabeth Silva Inst. For Translational Molecular Medicine Research Associate
Noah Cole Animal Resource Center Animal Technician
Donald Rempinski Med Cardiovascular Medicine UH Research Assistant 4
Anyull Dayanna Bohorquez Caballero Urology UH Research Assistant 3
John Dannug Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative Assistant Director
Benjamin Seanor Medical Education Associate Registrar
Kristina Arch Finance & Planning Assistant Director
Lora Parent Clinical and Translational Science Collaborative Director
Carrie Rogers Psychiatry UH Research Project Manager
Madeline Williams Genetics Research Assistant 1
Randa Ayoub Finance & Administration Grants Account Manager
JoAnna Sephakis Physiology & Biophysics Department Assistant 2
Jessica Gobel Genetics Assistant Director
Youjun Li Population & Quant Health Sciences Post Doctoral Scholar
Natalie Bawab Pathology Research Assistant 1
Rebecca Morgan   Adj/Clin Assistant Professor
Matthew Atala Pleshinger Genetics Post Doctoral Scholar
Gabriella DelPrete Pathology Research Assistant 2
Samantha Bentley Nutrition Data Coordinator 2
Xiaoqing, Qing Physiology & Biophysics Post Doctoral Scholar
Nestor Horacio Garcia Physiology & Biophysics Visiting Faculty
Aayushi Laliwala Radiology UH Research Associate
Laura Gamba Med Pulmonary & Critical Care UH Research Assistant 2
Jiujiu Yu Nutrition Visiting Faculty