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Your pursuit of a graduate degree sets you up for success in the career of your choice, elevating your professional value through the increase of knowledge, experience and professional impact. Our job here at the School of Medicine (SOM) is to make sure you have access to the knowledge, tools and resources to take what you learn here and apply that to the next stage of your career. Here at the Graduate Education Office, our Director of Career & Professional Development is dedicated to supporting the development needs of all our masters and doctoral students and postdocs here at the SOM. The following are our director's areas of expertise:  

Formal programing/courses

  • Courses
    • MGRD 425: Leadership and Professional Development Skills for Biomedical Sciences
    • MGRD 475 & 500: Foundations of Career Exploration
    • MGRD 610: Internship in Biomedical Science
  • Experiential Learning Programs
    • Enhancing Research and Industry Career Horizons (EnRICH)
    • Expanding Teaching Experience for Doctoral Students (ExTEnD)
    • CWRU Venture Mentor Program (CVMP)/Translational Fellows Program (TFP)
  • Individual Development Plans (IDP)
  • SOM Mentor training


  • Values
  • Interests
  • Skills
  • Professional identity formation

Career counseling/resources

  • Career exploration; translating self-assessment to possible careers
  • Career planning
  • Career network building
  • Resume, CV, cover letter and personal statement review (limited)
  • Job/internship search strategy
  • Connection to additional resources

Professional skills counseling/resources

  • Professional skills assessment
  • Professional skill building/development planning
  • Professional networking
  • Connection to additional resources

Relationship building

  • Companies and organizations supportive of SOM Graduate students
  • SOM Alumni/Alumni Relations
  • Key influencers in Workforce Development
  • University/SOM Leadership

Through this role, the director also serves in various leadership roles, representing the Graduate Education Office and the needs of our students:

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