Giving Kids Hope

You're Invited! Giving Kids Hope: August 27, 2022

This year's Giving Kids Hope event to benefit and celebrate the Research Institute for Children's Health will take place on Saturday, Aug. 27, at a new and beautiful venue, Columbia Woodlands, in Dover, Ohio. Guests can attend virtually or in person. In-person guests will enjoy a culinary experience surrounded by the rustic elegance of The Spring House at Columbia Woodlands.

Guests will also enjoy New Philadelphia native host Mitch Drumm, PhD, emcee David McCreary, host of Cash Explosion, and the presentation of the Giving Kids Hope Award to Dover-native Kim Scott Sowinski, exciting raffles and auctions, and live entertainment to end the evening by Dover native and Nashville musician, Max Beal.

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There are several sponsorship opportunities available to assist with the success of this event. Your financial support will help not only to underwrite the cost of the event but also to facilitate gene discovery, model development, and therapeutic techniques. Sponsors and their guests will enjoy a private cocktail reception and performance by Sinatra CLE while they take in the beautiful 400-acre property before guests arrive. 

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Mitch Drumm, PhD, and The Research Institute for Children's Health

MitMitch Drumm

This year, the Research Institute for Children's Health will celebrate its seventh year of biomedical research focusing on improving the treatment of genetic diseases and disorders by supporting research in over 20 different diseases. Although there have been advances in understanding and treating certain genetic-based childhood illnesses, thousands of conditions still lack effective therapies.

The goal of this year's event is to provide updates on how the institute has been able to carry out its mission with dozens of scientists across the School of Medicine and beyond who work to uncover genetic mutations that trigger serious problems in children.

Mitch Drumm, PhD is the director and driving force behind the Research Institute for Children's Health. Mitch was recruited to CWRU in 1992 to join the departments of pediatrics and genetics. At that time, 40-plus years of cystic fibrosis research was beginning to bear fruit in the form of the earliest CF-specific drugs, and Mitch was a co-discoverer of the gene that causes CF.

In the early 1990s, his lab was already ahead of the curve and working on strategies to activate the mutant CF protein—which is exactly what today's modern CF drugs do.

Mitch and his collaborators are still on the leading edge of that curve, in search of the next big breakthrough. The institute's unique collaborative model has created a pipeline for researchers and clinicians to simultaneously study diseases while seeking and testing new treatments.

Learn more about the Research Institute for Children's Health.

Giving Kids Hope Awardee: Kim Scott Sowinski

Kim Scott Sowinski

This year, the Research Institute for Children's Health is honoring Dover-native Kim Scott Sowinski with the Giving Kids Hope Award for her tireless dedication to and support of treatments of genetic-based disorders. Starting in 2017, Kim created two exciting third-party fundraisers for the Institute: Hike and Seek for Research and Yoga for Research. Without Kim's investment and dedication, the Institute would not have the reach it does today. 

Previous award winners will also be recognized during the event:

  • Boodjeh Family (2018)
  • Pamela B. Davis, PhD (2019)
  • The Doris and Floyd Kimble Foundation (2020)
  • Jim Demuth (2020)

Featured Speaker: Ryan Ress

We are delighted to have New Philadelphia native Ryan Ress share his story about living with cystic fibrosis. It is safe to say that Ryan is the reason the Research Institute for Children’s Health exists today, as he is the reason Dr. Drumm became involved in genetic disease research.

Ryan was born in December 1984, shortly after Dr. Drumm began graduate school at the University of Michigan in the Department of Human Genetics.  Barely a month later, Ryan was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a disorder with a very poor prognosis. Ryan’s family and the Drumm family lived next door to each other and were quite close, and Ryan was as much at home in the Drumm house as he was in his own, even referring to Mrs. Drumm as “Grandma Winnie.”

Ryan stayed healthy overall, and by high school became a very accomplished, competitive swimmer. Upon graduation from high school, he was accepted at Denison University and majored in chemistry.  As an undergrad, Ryan completed a summer internship in the CWRU School of Medicine, an incredibly rewarding experience for the faculty and staff, as this experience showed that Ryan had already defeated the odds for someone born in 1984 with CF.

After receiving his bachelor’s degree, Ryan went on to become a nurse practitioner through Duke University, where he then practiced until moving to Florida where he resides and works now, along with his rescue dogs.

While Ryan has done all that is possible to stay healthy, the clock was ticking and his lung function slowly but steadily declined. In 2012, the first of several disease-altering drugs became available and within the next few years, a drug combination became available that was appropriate for Ryan’s disease genetics. The drugs have had remarkable results and Ryan currently has nearly 100% lung function and leading a very full life.

Ryan’s successes show us that we should never say never and that it is possible to beat the odds, as what we thought was impossible may very well be possible. This is why the Research Institute for Children’s Health exists, to provide hope to the families coping with any of 7,000 other genetic disorders affecting our children.



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