Giving Kids Hope

A virtual event to support the Research Institute for Children's Health at CWRU School of Medicine

On Saturday, Nov. 6, 2021, Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine hosted Giving Kids Hope to benefit the Research Institute for Children’s Health. 
Through the success of the event and support from our sponsors, donors, and guests, we raised more than $70,000. The money raised will improve outcomes for children suffering from devastating diseases and disorders by accelerating breakthroughs into new therapies and cures. 

Millions of children across the country are affected by medical conditions for which effective treatments are either non-existent or could be substantially improved. Genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, phenylketonuria, neurological and mitochondrial disorders could all benefit from better treatments, as could more common disorders like diabetes and asthma.

The Giving Kids Hope proceeds will allow Mitchell Drumm, PhD, and colleagues at Case Western Reserve University to continue their research and address these needs by employing the latest technologies in genetics and genomics, cell biology, and pharmacology to rapidly pinpoint the causes of these disorders and develop new drugs or other approaches to treat them.

Watch the video below to hear from Drumm and his colleagues Karen Schelde, PhD, and Claire Sonneborn, on the importance of the future of research.

Letter from the Director

On behalf of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Research Institute for Children's Health, I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your support at Giving Kids Hope. I hope you enjoyed the evening, but also came away with a sense of the importance of our mission and the passion that our researchers have for childhood disorders.

I also hope we conveyed why financial support is so crucial for us to convert our research discoveries into new therapies. Right now, funding is the major obstacle in front of us. Support from friends like you allows us to attract and retain some of the nation’s brightest researchers and provide them with the tools they need to identify genes that cause a disorder, develop disease models, and test potential therapeutics. Biomedical research and incorporating it into health care today is a team effort and we are so grateful to have you on our team.

Thank you for your dedication to our institute, community, and beyond. Please save the date for next year's Giving Kids Hope on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at Breitenbach Wine Cellars in Dover, OH.

With sincere gratitude,

Mitchell Drumm, PhD
Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences Director,
The Research Institute for Children’s Health Director
Connie and Jim Brown Professor of Cystic Fibrosis Research at Case Western Reserve University

Giving Kids Hope Highlights

At the event, guests heard first-hand from Colleen Weiler on how such genetic diseases can affect daily life and its simple routines that we often taken for granted. Hear from Colleen below.

We also heard from Eric Barbato, PhD, RN, Ben Clayton, Rebecca Darrah, PhD, Chris Flask, PhD, and Christina MacAskill on how their efforts are leading the Research Institute for Children's Health and the School of Medicine's efforts to provide research and cures on 21 diseases that impact the lives of children throughout the world. 

Learn more about these researchers and their work in these videos.

Genetics and Genome Sciences with Rebecca Darrah, PhD and Eric Barbato, RN, PhD

Radiology and Imaging in Pediatrics with Chris Flask, PhD and Christina MacAskill

Neuriosciences with Ben Clayton