Mixed Chamber Ensembles

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Mary Kay Robinson
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MUEN 355
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Audition required. Concurrent enrollment in MUEN 383 or MUEN 385. 


formerly Brass/Woodwind Chamber Music

This course is for small chamber ensembles open to all instruments (winds, brass, strings, piano, guitar, harp) and coached by CIM faculty within the Joint Music Program; requires concurrent enrollment in either Symphony Orchestra or Symphonic Winds. CWRU students will have the opportunity to experience a rigorous combination of private coaching, master classes, and performance while immersing themselves in great chamber music. 

Director: Mary Kay Robinson 


Requires concurrent enrollment in either Symphony Orchestra or Symphonic Winds. Please follow their audition procedures.

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MUEN 355-106: Miscellaneous Ensembles
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Units: 0-2 units
Instruction Mode: In Person, Traditional 
Topic: Mixed Chamber Ensembles