Frequently Asked Questions About Living On Campus

Here are some frequently asked questions, along with additional resources. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at

We will be providing a Health Kit to students in order to get them started effectively managing day to day life during COVID-19.  This includes: two cloth masks, one thermometer, travel-size disinfecting wipes, alcohol swabs, tissues, two individually wrapped disposable masks to be worn in the event of illness, and travel-size hand sanitizer on a silicone strap (so it can be attached to a backpack or the like).  However, we also recommend students purchase their own cleaning supplies in order to regularly clean their room or apartment, along with maintaining social distancing as much as possible in their personal spaces.  Individual responsibility will be important in order to keep the community at large safe.

Hand sanitizer stations will also be installed throughout the residence halls, and cleaning protocols will be enhanced for common areas.  Common areas will also be modified. to facilitate and encourage social distancing.  Students are strongly encouraged to follow all social distancing guidelines put in place.   

Contact information for your roommate is available from our online housing information system called MyHousing. Here you will find information about your roommate such as address, email address and telephone number.

Requests for room changes are considered beginning the second week of classes, if there is available space. You can initiate a room change through your Residential Community Director.

Different lifestyles do not mean that there will be problems between you and your roommate. Roommates' smoking preferences and at least two of the four other lifestyle indicators will usually match.

Unfortunately, we cannot release any details about why your previous roommate may have been removed from your room. The most common reason is that he/she decided not to attend CWRU. We continue to assign students throughout the summer to ensure that everyone has a room.

The University is not liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of or damage to any article of personal property anywhere on the premises caused by fire, water, steam, insufficient heat, the elements, or actions of third persons.

Personal property of students is not covered by University insurance. Students should carry their own insurance protection against loss or damage to their personal property (through parent's homeowner insurance or renters insurance).  CWRU partners with GradGuard Renter's Insurance. 

Yes, laundry facilities are provided in every residence hall. Laundry is included in the room rate. No more need to bring quarters for laundry! All washing machines are high-efficiency front-loading Maytag™ Neptune™ machines. We would highly recommend that you bring high-efficiency detergent (look for the "he" on the bottle).

All machines are also equipped with Laundryview, a program where you can go online via the housing website and check the availability of washers and dryers. Click here for more information.

The area office is located in the center of each residential area. Staffed by full-time administrative staff as well as part-time student assistants, it's where you'll pick up packages and mail, get keys, drop off and pick up laundry and dry cleaning, purchase stamps, send faxes, and obtain information on a wide range of topics.

Yes. Plants, posters, photos, and small caged animals (including fish) are fine. Dogs, cats, ferrets, and animals requiring a heat lamp are not allowed. Residents are required to fill out a pet registration form at the time of check-in. Registration forms can be found online on your CampusGroup account. Approval is required by the roommate as well as the Residential Community Director or Assistant Director of Greek Life. If you require an assistance animal, please contact the Office of Disability Resources for approval at 

We recommend that you hang items with 3M removable item (hooks, picture hangers, etc) or blue painter's tape. No nails or other type of tape are allowed.

Wallpaper, contact paper, borders, paneling, waterbeds, removal of university furniture, and painting over varnished surfaces are not allowed.

In the North Residential Village, mail will be sorted and kept on file at the Residential Area Office, in Wade Commons. To receive your postal mail, bring your student ID to the office.  The exceptions to this are The Triangle Apartments and PMA apartments, where mail will continue to be delivered directly to these facilities.

In the South Residential Village, mail is directly delivered to your mailbox in the lobby of the residence hall, by the US Post Office.

Packages are delivered to the north or south area office and students are notified via email when they have received packages.

Finding your campus address is easy! Simply sign on to your MyHousing account, and click on your housing assignment. This will bring up a page with information about your assignment, including your campus mailing address. Mail and packages should be addressed to your full name, your residence hall and room number, and the street address of your building.

For 2020-21, our students will be moving out prior to Thanksgiving break for the fall semester.  We will allow students to remain on campus after Thanksgiving for Winter Break who meet a certain criteria (international students being one group of students - more information will be sent out about this in September).  We anticipate the halls remaining opening for Spring Break; however, we will update you once we know more details about spring semester.