Packing 101: What To Bring

Residence hall rooms have a bed which can be lofted, desk, desk chair, dresser, closet space, wastebasket, mini-blinds, internet and streaming services.

While we encourage you to bring things that will make your room your own, try not to bring everything you own! You will see that your room does not have a lot of extra space for items that have not been used in a while.

Cleveland will begin to get colder as the fall semester unfolds, and we recommend students bring winter clothing and outerwear in order to stay warm during the winter months.

We also encourage you to contact your roommate to see what they are bringing. There is no need for both of you to bring TVs, stereos, and so on. It will save space in your room.

The following list includes those items that other college students have found helpful in their transition to college.

  • Extra long twin sheets for a mattress that measures 36" x 80".
  • Pillow(s), blankets, comforter, and towels
  • Bathroom caddy/basket to carry shampoo, soap, creams and lotions to the bathroom. The best are wire mesh caddies that you can bring into the shower with you and will let the excess water drain out
  • Flip-flops or shower sandals, as you will be sharing the bathroom with other people
  • Alarm clock—you don't want to be late for those early morning classes!
  • All-weather clothing. It can get warm in the summer and cold in the snowy winter. A multi-layer coat, winter clothing and boots are always a good idea
    • May want to hold off on bringing all your winter clothes right now!  Maybe only bring a couple of sweaters/sweatshirts and jacket. 
  • Umbrella/Waterproof coat
  • Iron (with automatic shut-off), portable ironing board and hangers
  • Laundry bag/basket, laundry detergent (high efficiency) and dryer sheets
  • Hangers
  • Laptop/Computer (including your operating system disks in case you have a computer problem once you get here) and chargers
  • Surge protector
  • Desk lamp (compact florescent or LED recommended)
  • Desk supplies such as scissors, tape, ruler, stapler, envelopes, Post-it notes, pens, pencils, paper, etc.
  • Small refrigerator (4.6 cubic feet or less) - both roommates are allowed to have a refrigerator in a double room
  • A cup, plate, bowl, fork, knife, spoon and mug (plastic is always good). While there are cooking facilities in each building, pots, pans, plates, and utensils are not provided.
  • Coffee makers (must have an automatic shut-off function)
  • Personal items to make your room feel comfortable, such as posters, pictures, and plants. We recommend that you hang items with 3M removable items (hooks, picture hangers, etc) or blue painter's tape. No nails or other type of tape are allowed.
  • Cellphone/chargers, camera, TV and other entertainment items
  • Small rug or room slippers
  • Fan(s)
  • Cleaning supplies - please bring disinfecting wipes (such as Clorox), extra hand sanitizer, etc.
  • If you plan to bring upholstered furniture (futons, comfy chairs, couches), they must be certified flame retardant (per CAL 133 - ATSM E 1537 standards - must bring certificate with you)
  • Bike and bike lock (U-Lock can be picked up at CWRU Police when you register your bike)
  • Your passport/driver's license and social security card (you will need these to be able to work on campus)
  • Personal prescriptions and general medications

  • Halogen lamps (the hot bulb poses a fire hazard)
  • Extension cords
  • Hot plates, toaster ovens, George Foreman grills, air fryers, sandwich makers, rice cookers, and microwaves (for health and safety reasons, these items are not permitted in the first and second-year residence halls)
  • Candles and incense
  • Humidifiers or diffusers
  • Curtains (mini-blinds are provided)
  • Fabric wall hangings
  • Dogs, cats, ferrets, or animals that require a heat lamp. Only small caged animals and fish are allowed in the residence halls (a pet registration form is required along with approval from your roommate and Residential Community Coordinator). Pet registration forms are available on Campus Groups. If you require an assistance animal, please contact the Office of Disability Resources for approval.
  • Illegal drugs, fireworks, firearms, or weapons of any kind
  • Space heater
  • Air conditioner
  • Alcohol (if you are under 21)